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I’ve always loved taking photos. Enough said. And what is art without an audience? I started PoserPhotographer on Instagram to share my travel photos but have recently deleted that profile. I wanted to spend more time with them than the lifespan they were getting on that social media platform. Here, I wanted to share a story, share the sounds and events that were happening when they were snapped. I am no professional, I mostly don’t know what I am doing with my settings, I am another PoserPhotographer learning how to enjoy the moment again.

Film through North Beach, SF

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It was another beautiful day in San Francisco. In fact, I think it actually broke 65° in the city. I met up with my old housemate Maggie to practice some more photography. I was so late that morning, I remember. North Beach is located at the top of some annoying hills, and I live at the bottom of them. I had two choices – ride my bike or walk with ample time, but I was […]

Hole in the Wall Coffee | North Beach, SF

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Hole in the Wall Coffee (HITW), located on Union st. just above Washington Square Park, is the quintessential North Beach experience. It is literally a hole in the wall smashed in between your typical North Beach apartment buildings. The woman working there noticed the camera, turns out she is a Minnolta fan herself. She told us about her art gallery a block up on Grant street. After we grabbed our (2nd) coffee, we walked over […]

Film through China Town sf

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I purchased a film camera to practice before I left for Paris. I’m so glad I thought ahead to practice before the trip because it didn’t hit me until I had the camera in my hand that I had no idea how to 1) insert a roll of film and 2) use any of the settings! Technology makes everything so easy these days, we forget the technicality behind this art form. Shooting with film is […]