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7 weeks without instagram; 5 more positive changes

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I wrote a post 3 weeks after I quit both my instagram channels listing 5 positive changes. It’s now been 7 weeks without instagram, here are 5 more positive changes: I quit my facebook. Now I’m even MORE productive at work. Funny thing is, I still have the urge to type in everytime I open a web browser…but then I remember I don’t have it, and so I just go to work. How many […]

A Clothes Swap Party: Why it’s important & How to Throw One

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The More You Know This post is a difficult one for me to write. Mostly because I can’t exactly recall the moment when my perspective changed and became definite. It’s all been a slow awakening and I’m still navigating my way through the facts. I’d taken an environmental science class during my time at Pasadena City College with a very passionate teacher who didn’t teach one thing out of the textbook. She showed documentary after […]

A Week in my planner: Vertical Categories & Weekly Headlines

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Memory keeping and journaling is one way I spend my time off screen during the week. I find it soothing to exercise my brain in a creative way that is functional and expressive. Here are some things I tried in my planner and journal this week. Memory Keeping & Journaling Currently Pinning & Other Inspiration I was very inspired this week! I did a lot of browsing on the train and wanted to log the […]

Book Review: Lucky Boy

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I have been reading San Francisco Public Library's One City One Book - an initiative to get the community to read the same book at the same time and then discuss in book groups. The main mission - "by building bridges between communities and generations through the reading and most importantly the discussion of - one book, the hope is to make reading a lifelong pursuit and to build a more literate society."

A Week in my Planner: Brain Dump Lists & Work Reflections

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This week I wanted to try a few new things with my planner to help with my work and creative productivity. I use the Happy Planner which is a disc bound planner allowing you to move or add sections to personalize it to your needs. In the planner world (yes, there totally is one) this is called “frankenplanning” when you take multiple planners to create one; the term coined from Frankenstein’s story where his mad […]