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7 weeks without instagram; 5 more positive changes

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I wrote a post 3 weeks after I quit both my instagram channels listing 5 positive changes. It’s now been 7 weeks without instagram, here are 5 more positive changes: I quit my facebook. Now I’m even MORE productive at work. Funny thing is, I still have the urge to type in everytime I open a web browser…but then I remember I don’t have it, and so I just go to work. How many […]

A Clothes Swap Party: Why it’s important & How to Throw One

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The More You Know This post is a difficult one for me to write. Mostly because I can’t exactly recall the moment when my perspective changed and became definite. It’s all been a slow awakening and I’m still navigating my way through the facts. I’d taken an environmental science class during my time at Pasadena City College with a very passionate teacher who didn’t teach one thing out of the textbook. She showed documentary after […]

A Week in my planner: Vertical Categories & Weekly Headlines

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Memory keeping and journaling is one way I spend my time off screen during the week. I find it soothing to exercise my brain in a creative way that is functional and expressive. Here are some things I tried in my planner and journal this week. Memory Keeping & Journaling Currently Pinning & Other Inspiration I was very inspired this week! I did a lot of browsing on the train and wanted to log the […]

Book Review: Lucky Boy

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I have been reading San Francisco Public Library's One City One Book - an initiative to get the community to read the same book at the same time and then discuss in book groups. The main mission - "by building bridges between communities and generations through the reading and most importantly the discussion of - one book, the hope is to make reading a lifelong pursuit and to build a more literate society."