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My All-Time Favorite Shoes & How To Style Them For Any Occasion.

My favorite shoes of all time are my slip-on checkered Vans in black and white. I’ve had a very eclectic style and have always opted for funky prints whenever possible. The more the prints clash, the better.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to prioritize comfort over style. What I love about my Vans is that I can wear these with just about any outfit– formal or casual– and feel stylish and comfortable at the same time. Here are some ways to style them for any occasion.

Add some tomboy flair to a girly dress.

This is one of my favorite things to do: mix girly and tomboy elements. Growing up I was such a tomboy and hated wearing dresses. As I’ve gotten older, I started to love vintage dresses paired with sneakers. There is something edgy about the juxtaposition; it’s the checkered shoe that makes a statement – “I’m a lady, but I’m not a boring lady.”.. or something like that.

Photo Source: Kate OGata on The Fancy Pants Report
Photo Source: PopSugar

Be serious & cool at the same time in a power suit.

I’m a fan of clashing prints. I love mixing my checkered Vans with another loud print like this suit below; or even pairing it with loud colors. On work days, I love to wear these shoes with some of my favorite blazers and black denim.

6 Cool Ways to Wear Checkered Vans This Summer | Who What Wear
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For a business casual look, I like to pair them with a wide-leg trouser for a very Parisian look.

shoes checkered slip on shoes wide-leg pants white pants high waisted pants black t-shirt handbag

Denim Denim Denim

You can never go wrong with denim and sneakers. In fact, the simpler, the better. I love this chic white crew neck sweater with light washed jeans, she looks so polished… to be honest, I am more of the girl in the ragged overalls and baggy sweater…

I guess being an LA girl at heart, Vans give me that nostalgic feeling of growing up with beach and skate culture. Living in San Francisco for almost a decade, I didn’t own any shorts (truth!). Now, being down the peninsula where the weather is warmer, I actually get to whip out the ol’ denim shorts…

…to be honest I had to buy a new pair because le’s be real…. I don’t fit into the denim booty shorts I wore when I was 19…my gawd I was so tiny!

Denim and Vans sure feels like home. 🙂 All I know, is that whenever I’m in heels and I see a girl in her Vans, I’m so jealous.

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