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How to Reflect on Your Year + Set New Intentions.

As someone who strives for maximum efficiency, and consistency, I find this time of year to be the most inspiring (despite everything going on). Everyone is reflecting on their resolutions, and looking towards the new year.

It’s definitely my favorite time of the year because it’s planner season :). I love starting a fresh new planner and getting inspired with a blank, fresh, canvas. If you haven’t purchased your planner yet, check out my 2021 Planner List. As a planner addict, I can assure you I’ve watched just about every planner review on Youtube, and I find these to be the best.

How I Set Goals Last Year

Last year, I focused on 3 main goals for the year, with 3 habits each month, week, and day to accomplish them. You can read more about this goal setting method here. This worked great, but to be honest, I still only had time to achieve 1 out of the 3 major goals. I think it’s because I set out to achieve all 3 at once.

One thing I learned from starting a Passion Planner this year and working through their RoadMap is that I should prioritize the most important or impactful one first, then move on to the next.

What did work was choosing 3 goals for the day, week, and month. Having a running to do list and pulling from that helped minimize anxiety as I set out each day. I was more aware of my wins and being realistic rather than having a long to-do list each day and feeling stressed or defeated when I couldn’t accomplish them all.

How I will be reflecting on 2020 and setting goals for 2021:

Through the year I’ve listened to a lot of manifestation and productivity podcasts and found some common themes when it came to goal setting — breaking up goals into different houses.

I really liked the way Rachel Brathen does it on The Yoga Girl Podcast: New Year’s Intention Setting Ceremony episode.

If you have the time (1 hour and 22 minutes) to be alone, I highly suggest you listen and follow along with this ceremony. I listened to it on a walk, in two parts and will be creating my own version of it in the New Year once my husband goes back to work and I have the home to myself again ;). If you don’t have time to do a full on ceremony, a simple journal entry will be just as impactful. I promise!

Here it is in a nutshell:

Use these 4 Areas of Life to help with processing and make goal setting easier: Home, Mind, Body, Soul.

Home– Everything that revolves around home. Family, kids, spouse, loved ones, parents, friends, community, physical house, garden, pets.

Mind– Everything you create, anything you manifest. Your work, career, studies; anything you’re learning and taking in from the mind. Anything you’re writing, reading; your finances and abundances too.

Body– is obviously the physical body. Anything to do with health, wellbeing, physical wellness.

Soul-everything around spirituality, healing, prayer; your meditation practice, yoga, self-care, creativity, therapy.

2020 Reflection:

Reflect on the lows first; then celebrate the highs. What did you learn from the lows? Give thanks for these lessons. How do the highs make you feel? What can you congratulate yourself for for making these highs happen? Give thanks for those happy moments.

2021 Goals:

Map out each section. How do you want to cultivate these departments? Set actionable steps. What can be done most immediately? What would be the most impactful change in your daily, weekly, monthly routine look like? Think of your future self in 1, 3, and 5 years. How do you want your home to look when you are 40 years old? How do you want it to look when you are 60 years old? Etc. Reflecting on these areas as you see your future self will help you determine what needs to be done today, right now and so on.

It may even help to do a venn diagram or a mind map. Here are some examples:

There is no right or wrong answer. Just the act alone of reflecting and writing these out will make such an impact on your year. Having a vision and a roadmap will help give you purpose to what I’ve been calling “groundhog days” here in quarantine. The days can really blend together, and my motivation may wane, but having goals and a vision helps me stay stoked and productive.

Best of luck to you this year, may it be healthy and prosperous.

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  1. I love the venn diagram idea! Great post!

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