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Wanna Stay Young And Young At Heart? Try These Affordable Strategies

Guest Post Written By: Dana Brown of Health Conditions |

If you’re like many of us, 2020 has you feeling – and probably looking – a little older than you should. And it may have you a bit down in the dumps. Well, it doesn’t have to. There are steps that you can take today to revitalize your youthful appearance and help you look and feel your very best without breaking the bank.

Youth From The Mind

Looking and feeling younger starts with self-perception. TSimple behavioral changes, like mindfulness when you are sick, can boost your immune system. What this does for you is keep you from experiencing a worst-case scenario illness. And using mindfulness every day can help you be in closer touch with your own body and mind.

If you want to truly feel your very best, learn how to adopt a positive mindset. Positive thinking will change the way you perceive negative energy, and that will shine through on your face. Success magazine suggests starting every day with a positive affirmation. Tell yourself things such as, “Today I will be happy.” Speak what you want into existence and never believe otherwise. Other ways to stay positive are to focus on the good and leave the negative self-talk behind. The best part about both mindfulness and remaining positive? It’s completely free!

Fitness Means Feeling Fresh

You will likely never find a healthcare professional that advises against exercise. Most doctors even suggest some form of physical fitness for their sickest and the least mobile patients. Exercise is perhaps the best thing you can do for your body, and a quick workout can burn calories, elevate your heartbeat, and improve circulation.

When you’ve never really focused on fitness, you can encourage yourself to do more and try more by investing in comfortable workout clothing. There is, after all, a reason that you’ll never see a long-distance runner show up to a marathon in denim. Keep your budget in check by using coupons and other discounts for brand name gear. Do your research, and you should have no problem finding affordable running shoes, leggings, and accessories (including fitness trackers and smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 6, which can help keep track of your vitals and other important information).

Keeping Up Appearances

Working on your mind and body is a great start. But if you want your face to reflect how you feel on the inside, you’ll also want to focus on getting plenty of sleep. At least seven hours each night will help your body heal and operate or effectively. Something else you can do to see an improvement in the way you look is to adjust your eating habits. Weight Crafters explains that sugar is highly destructive, so cut what you can out of your diet.

Next, look at the products you use on your face, body, and hair. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for high-end products, and there are plenty of moisturizers that will keep your skin young and fresh for less than $30. In addition to using external moisturizers, make sure to hydrate. Drinking water can improve your skin health, help flush fat from your system, and will give each cell in your body what it needs to operate at peak.

Looking great and feeling even better starts with adopting the mindset of the person you want to be. But it also takes work. Exercise, eat right, and be mindful of how you think and how you spend. Remember, all your youth-boosting efforts will be for naught if you stress over money.

My name is Darin Marie. I was born and raised in the burbs of Los Angeles, spending most of my formative years in San Francisco. I'm a database manager by day and this is my creative outlet. All photos are my own unless noted otherwise. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. This is such a sweet and simple summary of maintaining youthfulness! Great job!

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