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Printsfield Custom Socks: My go-to gift. All Year Around.

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I’m a practical gift-giver. I don’t like buying trinkets or random things if I know it’s just going to sit on someone’s shelf or even worse, be forgotten in a junk drawer. Likewise, I’m not a fan of receiving trinkets because I really don’t like clutter.

My favorite gift to give and receive is a pair of funky socks. Last year at my Friendsgiving dinner, we required everyone to take off their shoes upon entering, so I gifted everyone a pair of fun socks.

Everyone needs more socks. It’s one of those things that you just wouldn’t spend the extra money on for yourself.

Printsfield Custom Gifts

This year, I’m going to take my sock gift tradition to a whole new level and have them customized to with my cat’s face on it!

Printsfield Custom Gifts offers an array of awesome products such as laptop cases, socks, notebooks and mugs. They offered me a coupon code to try out one of their products and of course I went for the socks.

First you simply choose all of your products then upload the photos you want transferred. Easy peasy.

Once you purchase an item, you can create an account to accumulate points for coupon rewards; which would be great for the holiday season when I bulk purchase!

Check out the photo I submitted below:

Size: I ordered a medium size and I wear a size 7.5 in womens shoes. They were a bit tight in calf area, and I have skinny – average calves (lol). In the foot, they fit perfectly.

Head over to their site and check out their fun products for the holidays and use coupon code: urbansuburbangirl20 for 20% off.

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