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What does your go-to doodle say about you?

I was doodling the other day and noticed that my go-to doodle is always some leaf or flower.

I know some people that always doodle cars or faces, for example.

So, for fun I did a quick google search and this is what I found about my go-to doodles.

What your doodles say about your psyche:


Source 1) Friends and relationships are important to you. You are loyal.

Source 2) Depending on how they are drawn: If they are droopy, there is an unwillingness in the drawer to open up. If they are perky and bright, one is feeling carefree and open to new experiences. Circular leaves indicate a kind heartedness whereas pointy leaves show a distrust or defensiveness in the drawer.

Source 3) You have an innate appreciation of nature, or you need to get outside more. Flowers and nature also indicate development and growth in an area of your life, perhaps a new job opportunity or a new relationship.


Source 1) You’re interested in people, you are a people person.

Source 2) If the face is attractive, you have a positive outlook on life; and if it’s an ugly face drawing, you have a negative perspective. Attention to detail such as bigger eyes indicate a desire to be seen, or an emphasis on big lips indicate lust.

Source 3) Whatever emotion is reflected on the drawing, reflects what you are feeling inside.

Squares, patterns, or circles:

Source 1) Squares: You see other people’s point of view. You are clever.
Circles: You avoid conflict, you want to be loved. Triangles: you are dynamic and powerful.

Source 2) Squares: You are an efficient and analytical person. Or you are someone who likes to be in control. Patterns: Straight lines indicate confidence whereas squiggly shaky lines indicate you are uncertain.

Source 3) The straighter the edges in your doodle, the more you are leaning towards a practical choice when trying to make a decision. If your doodles are more curvy, you are leaning towards your gut feelings.


Source 1) You enjoy stability and family life.

Source 2) Depending on how the house is drawn — if there are no windows, one is feeling trapped; if it is on top of a hill, one is feeling lonely; smoke coming out of the chimney reflects warmth and is considered a good sign of security.

Human Figures:

Source 2) Indicates you have a healthy self image, or you are successful.

Spider Webs:

Source 2) one is feeling trapped or stuck, or wants to “snare” someone.


Source 3) It all depends on the word. If you write your name over and over, then you might be considered a narcissist (lol). Pay attention to the direction of the word, if it points downward, you may be in a bad mood, if it points up or slants up, then you must be in good spirits.

When I look at this list, I can recall certain phases of my life where I would doodle things just because it was cool at the time. For instance, I used to draw spider webs when my sister started her punk rock stage and that was all she would draw because it was cool, and so I did too. Who remembers the nautical star, or the superman S?

What the Hell Was That 'S' Thing Everyone Drew in School?

One of my favorite tricks is the “draw the house without lifting your pen” trick:

Draw the House with One Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free) 24749042 |  Shutterstock

I remember showing this to my nephews. They were so fascinated. I hope kids are still messing around with doodles, showing off their coolest version of the S or the star; or challenging each other to the house trick…

I would say that I definitely feel like my relationships are important to me, and I can sure use more nature time 😉 I’d also like to think that I am always learning, growing and developing; so I’d say my analysis is spot on. What do you doodle? Would you say these doodle theories are true to you?


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