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Paint Trends I’m Loving Right Now.

2020 Paint Trends for Interior Design | Easy DIY Projects

Two weekends ago, Dylan and I finally completed painting our living room and dining room! We went for some miami vice colors. While searching for some inspiration for the project, I pinned these favorites below.

After completing our first DIY home project, painting doesn’t seem as daunting. It definitely is a great way to upgrade a space.

Painter’s Tape Design

This is the design Dylan and I went for. The tape makes a great divider and element to the design with the white showing through such bold colors.

Fuzzy Lines

I’ve showed this to a few family members and they are not into this, but I totally love it! I think it looks super chic, especially done in deep or earthy colors like olive green or this dark teal. The copper, industrial lamp really pops in this photo.

Stamp Roller Design

I mentioned this technique in my Design Curated post, and I still have it on my home design bucket list. I have a feeling this is a bit more difficult than it looks trying to get the pattern to match up with each stroke. I would start with something simpler than this bird design.

Overlapping Geometries with Bold Colors

This is such a beautiful design with such bright colors. You would have to be mindful of how much time you have because you would need each layer to dry properly before putting painters tape on it to complete the design.

The Brush Stroke Pattern

I’ve seen this in action and I definitely want to try this out as an accent wall behind our bed, or some other major piece of furniture.

Here’s how ours turned out!

What do you think? Which one would you try?

We used Behr Marquee Paint from Home Depot:
Park Bench – Green
Turmeric – Yellow
Fruit Cocktail – Pink

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