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A Tale of Musical Furniture

Changing up your environment is actually good for your soul. Here's a reflection on funny furniture stories.

I love to play musical furniture, as my dad calls it. Growing up, we were always moving furniture around and repurposing the living room, dining room, and guest room. When it came time to moving the big heavy pieces, I was recruited out of the three children to help my dad do the heavy lifting. My sister was the family clutz, so we definitely didn’t want to risk it, and my younger brother was still the doe-eyed 10 year old who would rather read than play tag. I was the soccer player, so they were depending on my strong legs.

My dad is the type of guy that won’t let the Christmas tree guys at Home Depot put the tree on the car because he doesn’t want any dings on his truck; and so, you best believe there was a lot of pressure not to drop the couch or hit any walls as we navigated out of the patio sliding door, around our long ranch-style home, and through the front door. My mom, brother, and sister stood nearby watching while holding their breath. Lol, I crack up just thinking about it. My sister with a smirk on her face as I signal to her with my eyes that, “oh shit I’m about to drop it!” and my brother looking over in fear; my dad firmly telling me “DO. NOT. DROP. IT!” and my mom looking slightly guilty that she was putting us through this, but still with stubborn determination that this is what needs to happen — the couch must be in the front room!

I did have to put it down and dropped it a little. lol
But those were good times. Nerve wrecking in the moment, but hilarious now.

Now, in my own home, I love to play musical furniture. I don’t even ask for my husband’s help anymore because it stresses him out when I mention I need to change things up (because it’s basically every two – three months). I just do it!

Last week, I finally found the perfect room arrangement for our apartment. Might I actually be satisfied?…at least for another 6 months ;).

My cat joet loves when we move furniture around. He likes to pounce around and test out his new cat routes.

There is something about revitalizing a room that revitalizes my spirit simultaneously. It really is one of the only times I actually enjoy deep cleaning, because it becomes a part of the process, the uncovering of something new – a new lifestyle to live.

When you repurpose a corner, a chair, or a table, it’s like opening a door in your mind to new possibilities. Which is probably why I usually rearrange my furniture after a stressful streak, an emotional low, or a new milestone in life.

I always had a bad habit of this in college during finals week. I couldn’t study in peace until I rearranged my whole room. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds clarity and creative inspiration when you create a new space. According to Psychology today:

“An impact on the environment, whether an imprint or a removal, lifts mood, provides concrete satisfaction, and instills a sense of effectiveness. Inner and outer harmony happen when pieces are placed in a way that makes sense for you.”

Psychology Today | Rearranging the Furniture Makes me Feel Better

Rearranging furniture is probably one of my favorite all around activities — it’s a workout, a chore, and self-care all wrapped up in one. I wish I could get it together and plan ahead of time and take some before and after shots for you, but I become a madwoman about it (like my mother), when it must be done, it must be done — RIGHT MEOW!

What about you? When was the last time you switched up your furniture? You should try it out, you might be surprised by the confidence and mental clarity that comes with it, seriously!

Until next time.

Bon weekend,
Urban Suburban Girl

4 comments on “A Tale of Musical Furniture

  1. We are overdue to change out our living room…now begins the seemingly endless options!

  2. Great article! Much needed especially in today’s environment when people are feeling stuck at home. Revitalize and recreate from within! .
    As I said to you kids…there is always a method and a reason behind my madness – LOL

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