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How are you building community during COVID?

We are getting to the point now where there is a definite divide on people’s comfortability with Covid-19. On one end of the spectrum – Covid does not exist and people are going about their lives, having dinner parties, traveling, and going to pilates classes indoors. On the other end, many people are still sheltering in place, ordering groceries through Instacart, and having all of their social interactions over zoom.

For me, I fall somewhere closer to the group that is still sheltering in place and I gotta say, it’s hard! I miss my friends, I miss my favorite bars and restaurants. I want to see and be seen! And I’m having major FOMO seeing all my friends having picnics at Dolores Park.

But I have my reasons as to why I want to stay cautious and I respect those who have different opinions.

But, despite this year’s absence in physical social interactions, I’ve found that I am actually connecting with a lot of friends, even reuniting with some oldies!

Starting in July, I started scheduling Zoom coffee dates with friends. It’s been fun to take a small break from the work day and catch up with a friend over zoom.

Also, what makes a zoom coffee date much better than a Zoom happy hour is that you really need to keep the talking to one hour since both parties usually have to get back to work. Sometimes, Zooming for too long gets a bit glitchy, or it’s just tiring… am I right?

I honestly don’t know if I would have connected with as many friends in real life if not for these coffee dates.

Tapping into my community has really helped my mental state. I miss my friends, I miss grabbing a glass of wine somewhere with girlfriends… this has been the closest thing.

So, whether you are on the more comfortable side or conservative side… how are you building community?

I also want to know what the heck you are doing for fun, if you are on the more conservative side… I’ve run out of ideas lol…

Happy Friday folks,
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