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Would you live in this mobile home with retro appliances?

Did you say mobile home? Yes I did!

It’s 2020 and stigmas are changing — millenials are opting to live in vans for crying out loud; and since housing prices keep rising and student loan debt keeps millennials strapped for cash, the mobile home market seems like a viable option.

Check out Mobile Home Living’s blog page on stigma to learn the interesting history about mobile home living and how it’s changing.

From an investors perspective, here are some reasons to consider investing in mobile homes, as written by Paul Moore on The Bigger Pockets real estate blog:

  • Recession-resistant (steady through the last downturn)
  • Shrinking supply, increasing demand
  • Tenants that rarely leave
  • Low and predictable maintenance and capital expenses
  • Limited need for contractors
  • Tenants are joint stakeholders with park owners
  • Stigma of mobile home park investing leads to lower competition
  • Great financing options
  • Surprising tax benefits
  • Mom-and-pop owners aging out and selling underperforming properties
  • Hungry institutional investors who want to write large checks (the benefit of assembling a stabilized portfolio)

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So, would you live in this mobile home with retro appliances?

See full listing on Zillow
Contact Broker Diana Serry

  • It’s location is everything. This particular property is located within a walking distance from San Diego’s white sandy beaches lined with bistros and specialty shops.
  • My first thought was from an investors perspective. Because of its prime location, this would be a great spot to live or have for an Airbnb. The location sells.
  • This particular mobile home park has a bocce ball court. Enough said there.

This Community which features a BBQ and picnic area, outdoor game yard even an enclosed pet area.

Easy to own, affordable land lease is $1300.00 Mo. Located in Trailer Rancho Mobile Home Park Pets allowed. 1 dog up to 25 lbs., 1 indoor cat (Zillow).

After talking to the Broker, the interior design and furniture can stay if requested.

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  1. Really interesting…many pros, only con being the size but considering how small apartments are…I shared a story a few months ago about Paradise Cove inn Malibu…a mobile home park – oh, the most exclusive in the US! Here it is if interested, and NO, I don’t live there! –

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