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Monthly Check In: On Womanhood & Favorite Women.

I am so grateful for this month, it really pulled me out of a fog that was June & July. As Astrologer Dustin said on the New Moon Post, August was the perfect time to set new intentions and basically gather my thoughts and plans to get into gear.

On Womanhood:

As I approach another year around the sun, a sense of self-imposed responsibility has come over me. I’ve been learning a lot about my sexuality and womanhood. I made the big decision to quit my birth control and take on natural birth control methods (FAM to be specific).

The main reason why I took out my birth control was because I realized that I was feeling foggy, I couldn’t make decisions; if something knocked me down emotionally, it was very difficult to get back up. My emotional state was heightened and I was noticing that I was having a sort of “black-out-moment” where I would act a certain way and then immediately after, feel immense guilt and fear thinking to myself: Why am I acting like this? Complete dissociation with who I know I am and how I was acting.

Once I realized this behavior could possibly be a symptom of my birth control, I went to the internet to see if other women felt the same way. I was relieved to find out that many women were feeling the same way and excited to learn that many have been successful preventing pregnancy going the natural route.

In doing my research and taking back my mental and physical health, I feel empowered. I, like many women, have a lot to learn about my female body and the gears that make it so complex.

Books & Resources Every Woman Needs (according to me):

In the Flo: best selling author Alissa Vitti of WomanCode introduces biohacking for women — how to use your cycle to optimize work, projects, relationships, and fitness. She even has an app called MyFlo that has fun features such as syncing your partner. This feature emails your partner with every cycle stage informing them of your hormonal status, what it means and how to best communicate with you.

Take Control of your Fertility: The female bible essentially. Every woman needs to read this to learn about her anatomy, how it works with the male anatomy, and how to prevent pregnancy (or how to get pregnant). She also drops facts here and there on the medical industry, further proving the point that the system is so effed. It really is a man’s world.

Femmehead Youtube Channel: The beautiful Victoria sits down for bite-sized conversations educating her audience on all sorts of woman products including menstrual cups, the fertility awareness method and tools, and so much more. I’ve learned a lot from watching her videos and have thought about taking one of her courses on “Ditching the Pill”.

Natural Cycles fertility Tracker App: A mobile app to help track your fertility, officially approved by the FDA as a method of birth control! I started using this to track my cycle and my symptoms. Within the app, they give you daily digests to help you learn more about your body and how to track your symptoms — so if the information seems overwhelming, this app will help guide you.

My Favorite Woman:

These past few months I have gone down a few internet rabbit holes and have found some new – what I call – expanders.

Expanders – a term I learned from Lacy Phillip’s podcast – means people who live the life you envision for yourself, and by seeing that it’s possible, you are rewiring your brain to believe it is possible for yourself.

I’ve been playing a lot of guitar lately and have been finding inspiration from these musical ladies:

Sunday Mornings with Reina Del Cid (right) & Toni Lindgren (left)

Orla Gartland

Other things I’ve been thinking about:

Why Your Vibration is the Basis of Your Activism with Sahara Rose – Highest Self Podcast

My guitar-spiration has come from a lot of Latin Pop — I can’t get enough of this playlist.

This awesome FREE program with low impact HIIT workouts — no talking & good music.

This Free Clarity workshop with Lacy Phillips – To Be Magnetic

2 comments on “Monthly Check In: On Womanhood & Favorite Women.

  1. Love this post!
    I also stopped my birth control (years ago) because of those same black out moments you mentioned. You’re the first person I’ve heard talk about them, they’re crazy. I’m gonna be checking out every link you’ve posted in a moment. But also I’m such a fan of women figuring out their whole selves as far as their bodies go so Yay! Go you!

    • Hey girl! Yes! It’s almost been a month and I feel SO MUCH BETTER and it’s been such an exciting journey learning about my hormones and a big DUH as to why things weren’t going so well. I never thought I’d say this but I am actually looking forward to getting my cycle so I can really start to track and get in tune. Thanks for reading and stopping by 😉

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