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The 5 Earrings You Need for Work & Play.

One of my favorite bloggers, Latonya Yvette, wrote a post on The Power of an Earring (Even With a Mask) where she beautifully reflected on the power of accessorizing. Like her, I love a bold, bright lipstick to complete any outfit, especially in the summer when the weather is too hot for anything else on my face. But today, with our masks, we can’t rock that color pop.

It’s funny, when she published this post, I was just expressing to a girlfriend how much I missed wearing my earrings. I’m not a fan of navigating my mask around my big hoops or tassels, and it seems that just as I was in mid sentence complaining about this new lifestyle change Latonya’s post rang the doorbell to my inbox – I felt heard lol.

She is such a great writer and can make any simple moment, whim, or thought of her day sound so poetic. Here she describes the power behind the earring as an accessory with the mask:

All in all, they’re powerful, really. In the unending nature of this time, that makes us even forget what people’s faces looked like “back then” (or just four months ago), the use and choice of an earring feels like a relief of sorts. A moment to calm this particular calamity. They’re just earrings. But are they?

Nothing is just just, when all the micro bits have become tiny threads we grasp day in and day out, to feel the power in and of, simpler times back then.

– Latonya Yvette on The Power of an Earring (Even With a Mask)

I’ve started wearing my big, bouncy earrings again because she is right — wearing my big earrings help me grasp on to my identity and give me a sense of feminine power. I like them big, shiny, and funky; with a touch of vintage.

Here are 5 earrings on Etsy I have my eye on:

Vintage Gold statement earrings made on Etsy.

Roco Studio – Gold Vintage

RoCo Studio based out of Austin, Texas creates handmade statement jewelry. As the description of the shop owner states, she has an obsession with earrings. Her obsession is my obsession.

Dripping Oval M  24K Gold Vermeil  Gold Hoops  Unique earrings | Business casual | Etsy shop | Earrings for her

Dripping Gold

Marie June Jewelry’s Etsy shop is based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their shop features an array of ethically designed and sourced dripping gold statement pieces.

'Real flower earrings' 
terrarium earrings' 
'Gold Earrings'
'pressed flowers' 
'Flower Jewelry' 
'Minimalist Jewelry'

Pressed Floral Face

VBRTN is based out of Denver, Colorado. Their jewelry specializes in handmade crystal jewelry. I love all of their pressed flower pieces and delicate details.

"Handmade Earrings" 
"plant earrings"
"plant lover earrings"

Ficus Handmade Clay Earrings

Mixed Creations Studio is based out of New Philadelphia, Ohio and features beautiful polymer clay pieces, some tassels too!

"Etsy Floral Polymer Earrings"
"Flower earrings" 
"Bohemian earrings"

Polymer Floral Earrings

Pearly Pineapple Store is based out of Charleston, South Carolina. This shop has amazing clay pieces, all very unique — with lots of florals! Their layering and tubing technique with the clay make them unique from the rest.

I think at this point, with the California wildfire season starting…I am really starting to lose my mind. The air quality is unhealthy so we can’t go outdoors, and not having the option to hang out at a cafe — which I miss so desperately — is making my days blur together!

The simple act of putting on makeup and dressing up for the day has improved my morning mindset … otherwise it feels like Groundhog Day! Never underestimate the power of getting dressed in the morning and topping it off with the perfect accessory.

So, which earring would you choose to shine your power through?

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