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New Moon in Leo | New Beginnings

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This guest post was written by: Dustin, Avatar Astrology | Santa Fe, NM

New Moon in Leo

August 18 @ 7:41 P M | P S T

Creativity, Generosity, Charisma

The King/Queen | The Performer | The Child

This new moon finds itself at 26 degrees Leo! The sun rules Leo, a fire sign full of life, therefore, this is the perfect time to set new intentions around your sense of fun and excitement.

I know this pandemic has caused some creative blocks for people or stifled their fun-loving spirit, but this new moon will teach us how to reconnect with our personalities and learn a new way to express ourselves. Leo is the sign most closely associated with the Ego so it is ok for right now to focus on you because later your light will serve as a beacon for humanity! Be loud, be proud, but, most importantly, do not be afraid to share your vulnerabilities, for it is in that action that we are truly seen and loved, only then is the applause genuine.

Oftentimes these vulnerabilities do not even have to be verbally communicated. Channel them into your art, your stories, your playlists, your poems, your dances, your garden, however they can be expressed and witnessed by other souls who will then rejoice with you because you are not alone.

It is through creating something tangible that we manifest our dreams and verify our gifts, thus, leaving behind a trail of a creative process unique to you.

That is Leo: the mark you leave on the world. Will it shine or will it be dull? That, my dear, is entirely up to you!

This new moon ultimately serves as a reminder that we create our own self-worth and while it is indeed nice to have an audience, never let your self-confidence or dignity be determined by how loud the acclamation is for your talents.

The approval that you seek lies within you. One way I suggest activating this new moon energy is take a little risk with something. It could be as simple as using a bold new color in your drawings/paintings or writing your poems/stories in a new genre or style. This will lead to choices and prompt decisions that you normally would never have considered, creating a blank slate as clean and clear as this new moon.       

Crystals to Guide Your Way

For this new moon, I recommend the Carnelian crystal!

This gem is often referred to as the ‘Actor’s Stone’ because it helps one to forget worries and boost confidence. As noted at the top of this post, one of Leo’s archetypes is the Performer so this stone compliments the lion.

Through casting aside any apathy and dispelling all bitterness it helps make way for fresh vitality and creativity so as to help motivate you to trust your perceptions.

Judy Hall recommends the following: “If you are pondering a difficult decision, make a list of the pros and cons of each possible outcome. Before you go to sleep, put the list under the crystal (or this photograph) and then forget about it. When you wake in the morning, you will have made your decision”.

Use any of the four elements to keep your crystals charged for maximum power:

Fire: crystals sit outside in sunlight or near a safe and contained source of fire like a candle, wood fireplace, or camp fire. 

Earth: bury crystals in earth, soil, or dirt. Wrap crystals in leaves or rest on a bed of flower petals. 

Air: burn incense and keep crystals near the smoke 

Water: Let soak in creek, stream, river, ocean, or water from home (not all crystals do well in water so research first). Let crystals sit outside in moonlight (yes, new moon light can still charge crystals!) 

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Notable Sources:
Crystal Mindfulness by Judy Hall
The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest
Spiritual Astrology: A Path to Divine Awakening by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy

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