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Friday Favorites: Things at Home.

Now that most of us have been spending more time at home, I’m curious to know where and what you’ve been doing when you’re not working.

What does your cozy little nook look like?

For Dylan and I, we’ve been enjoying Zoom happy hours with friends and reinventing little corners in our home.

Here’s a mixture of some recycled, thrifted, and found things that make up my favorite little corners.


A Work in Progress Reading Nook

We all have that chair where we pile our clothes and other crap on. This chair lived in our bedroom and it was covered in clothes all the time. I was so sad for this chair, it was too beautiful and deserved a better life.

I’ve finally moved it into my guest room/ yoga room/ office. It’s life has been completely restored, and is a reading nook in (constant) progress.

Faux Flowers in Thrifted Vases

Many people have opinions about faux flowers, but I love them. They’ll never die, they’re fun to change out seasonally, and their always on sale at Michaels or Joanns.

These blue vases hold a special place in my heart. They were one of the first things I found and purchased for my first bedroom in San Francisco.

The Perfect Magazine Rack & Gifted Planter

One year, Dylan and I had one of those early love arguments, it was a serious one. The next day we didn’t know what to say to each other, both still feeling remnants of frustration. We walked from Civic Center SF all the way to the Balboa Park Station (4.5 miles), not saying much.

It wasn’t until we passed the Goodwill on Mission and Silver Street when Dylan wanted to step in and take a look. Thrifting has always been our favorite “couple-y” thing to do (Read: The Coupling with Antique Flare). We both browsed in opposite sides of the store, still keeping our silence. When finally Dylan walked up with this magazine rack.

He said, “Look at this…”

I said, “Cool… I actually like that”.

It was as if the magazine rack had cut the tension between us. We walked back with that magazine rack along Mission St., back towards Civic Center and proceeded to have a very healing conversation. When we got home, we dressed it up with magazines, and stood in admiration, as we do whenever we add a new piece of furniture.

This magazine rack saved the day.

Other honorable mentions: An Ikea Desk Turned Bar

A Shoe Rack Turned Game Corner

I would say most of these items were either found on the sidewalk, or purchased at a thrift shop, which makes it somewhat of an adventure. I’ve always wanted to have one of those homes that have a cohesive color scheme or a sleek design throughout the house, but in reality it’s hard to achieve, especially when you live with a spouse who has a completely different style than you do, you have to find a compromise.

Curious to know if you have any fun corners or objects at home that are currently bringing you joy, please do share them below 🙂

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  1. I love the reading nook, especially the chair – my favorite kind to read a book in…and the other areas look terrific as well!

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