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5 Kill-Proof Houseplants That Will Make You Look Like a Jungle Goddess.

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Decorating your first apartment in plants is like a right of passage into adulthood. One that shows you’re sophisticated, stylish, and intentional.

One can easily underestimate the work that’s required to keep a plant alive. I know I did when I first started collecting plants.

My first go-around, I attempted to grow Zone 9 vegetables on a north facing balcony (say what?!) — These are rules I didn’t realize I broke until much later.

In this post I want to give you the top 5 kill-proof plants that you can start out with to see if gardening is your cup of tea. Most of these plants can be propagated, which means that from one plant you can produce plant babies and be well on your way to looking like a jungle goddess, with little effort.

#1) Snake Plant

Can you propagate it? YES

Lighting: Indirect bright light; but it can also withstand direct sunlight or tolerate low light.

H20: dry out completely before watering.

Venture to your local shopping mall and you will find this plant everywhere. It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye with it’s long spear-like leaves and zebra-like design accented with bright greens and sometimes yellows.

This plant can tolerate low light, while also thriving in bright, direct light – I’ve tried both. I had one sitting in my dark office for a year; I hardly watered it and this guy stood tall and strong. He has now moved into a bright room in my apartment, and soon to be a plant-dad.

#2) Pothos

Can you propagate it? YES

Lighting: Can tolerate almost any light, EXCEPT direct bright sunlight.

H20: Keep the soil moist but don’t overwater. See notes below*

This plant is awesome for any beginner because the plant will show you that it’s thirsty. If you wait too long the leaves will sort of flop down, as if it looks exhausted – no joke. Be aware of too many yellow leaves which is a sign of too much watering.

The Pothos plant is an type of ivy which means it likes to latch onto nearby walls and other surfaces. It also looks great hanging from a planter so that it can create a draping or curtain affect.

#3) Spider plant

Can you propagate it? YES

Lighting: Can tolerate almost any light, EXCEPT direct bright sunlight.

H20: Let soil dry completely in between waterings.

The spider plant is a great beginner plant because it can tolerate a lot of abuse. This guy thrives in bright, unfiltered light and can also withstand low light settings.

The name comes from the spider-like buds that drape down from the mother plant, making it look like baby spiders hanging from a web.

#4 Foxtail Fern or Ponytail Fern

Can you propagate it? YES ( but… requires digging up of the bulbs which might be for the more seasoned gardener.)

Lighting: Keep out of direct sunlight, prefers indirect bright light, but can tolerate low light.

H20: If kept outside, prevent it from drying out completely, usually once a week during the summer or drier months. If kept inside, provide frequent misting and humidity.

This plant is one of my champion plants. It was one of the only plants that has survived from my first attempt at balcony gardening (north facing). Now, in direct light, and a bigger pot, it has bursted into a monster plant — absolutely huge. I love the particular green and texture this plant adds to my balcony garden.

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#5) Prayer Plant

Can you propagate it? YES by dividing up the mother plant.

Lighting: Somewhat tolerant of low-light conditions, but prefers bright indirect light.

H20: Prefers well drained soil and thrives in humid environments due to it’s tropical nature.

This is one my favorite plants to look at. It has such an expressive look to it, and comes in different variations. Due to it’s tropical nature and preference for humid environments, this plant would work well in a bright bathroom.

Some might argue that this plant is not the best plant for novice gardeners, but if could survive my shady hallway where if lived for the first year in my possession, followed by the horrible abuse it endured during our move; and lastly, the complete neglect in the fall to the point where I thought it was done-zo… than anyone can take on this prayer plant project.

Look at all the exotic variations below 😉

Great Gardening Resources:

Here are some great resources you can subscribe to. I love referring to these experts when I have questions or just need some gardening inspiration.

Shifting Roots — Blog and Free Ebooks

Planterina — Youtube channel with care tips, and all things jungle goddess.

What plants will you use for your indoor jungle/garden? Do you have any favorites? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Gardening!

Also — this cat is my spirit animal.

3 comments on “5 Kill-Proof Houseplants That Will Make You Look Like a Jungle Goddess.

  1. Love this. I have NO “green thumb” at all, but just managed to coax some life out of cilantro and basil…anything that can meet me halfway is always appreciated and this guide is terrific help!

  2. I love love this! I’m a New plant mom. I currently own a snake plant and a prayer plant and I absolutely love them. Now I am considering getting the spider plant☺️✨

    • I’m so glad you found this useful! I killed a few plants until I got it right. The prayer plant is def one of my favorites — such an exotic look. You will love the Spider Plant! Such an easy little guy to take care of. 🙂 thanks for reading!

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