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An Outfit Story: 5 Great Thrifted Treasures

I’ve always wanted to start a fashion blog but taking outfit pictures — really good ones, is actually quite the effort. Bloggers am I right? Or am I just a bad picture taker? lol…

(I think I’m just a bad picture taker.)

There is a lot of work involved to achieve a certain aesthetic and I love the way Courtney does it on her Instagram — Wild and Flowers.

Courtney is a certified holistic nutritionist and health coach and features beautiful health and wellness inspiration.

You can check out her Instagram here and read more about her health coaching on her website.

Courtney is a thrift shopper like myself, and we can both relate to “the thrill of snagging that perfect piece, at a fraction of what it originally cost”

I went shopping on Courtney’s Instagram and asked her to share with me the backstory to these five below.

I chose the first 4 and asked her to pick a favorite for the 5th.

…Until we can peruse an antique shop or Goodwill again, indulge with me in Courtney’s outfit stories.

Outfit #1 Pretty Blue Dress:

The little blue dress is one of my favorite dress finds! It is so sweet, with little ruffle sleeves. Blue is not usually a color I gravitate toward when shopping for clothes, but I wanted to venture out of my color comfort zone. The buttons and dot print won me over. It reminds me of little stars in the sky… just a very happy dress! I thought it would look particularly sweet with a pink lip and pink bougainvillea tucked behind my ear. You can see the little bougainvillea peeking out in this shot (I kind of have a thing for flowers). I love strappy shoes because they stay put! They are my go-to when I want to dress something up a little. If they have a bow (like these do) even better! 

Outfit #2 Floral and Denim:

I am a big fan of wrap-style pieces. I like the way they fit my frame. This top checked all the boxes for me: light-weight, floral pattern, fancy sleeves, plunge neck AND it ties into a pretty bow in the back. I paired it with a higher-rise distressed denim and (SURPRISE!) strappy shoes. I was going for a sort of edgy grunge meets girl-next-door kind of vibe. I was a tween in the 90’s and lived for those movies and TV shows about high school. This outfit plays the part of both the “bad girl” and the “popular girl” (FYI, still holding on to that dream of becoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Outfit #3 Cream “Veronica” Dress:

THIS dress. This was one of those epic Depop finds. I was inspired by “old Hollywood” movies and those “could be a dress, but it could also be a negligee” kind of dress. An ethereal Femme Fatale vibe… just google ‘Veronica Lake’ images. She sums it up for me. I need more reasons to wear this dress!

Outfit #4 Pink Power Suit:

This is my Cher from Clueless meets Elle Woods (after law school) meets First Lady. I have on 3 layers of different shades of pink. I think pink is such a powerful color, especially when there is this much of it. It’s a soft color, but not a shy look. I’m pretty sure I was singing Janelle Monet’s “Pynk” to myself while taking these photos. The trousers, cropped blazer and mules are all Depop finds! The pink coat was a dream come true piece that I had wanted basically all-my-life. I’ve always had an affection for coats, but with California weather, the actual need for one is pretty rare. 

Outfit #5 Courtney’s Pick:

The inspiration behind this outfit was a street-style photo of Blake Lively that I saw on Instagram. She has great style, and I pretty much made it my mission to re-create the look. I spent a LOT of hours searching for a very specific slip dress. I was so excited to find it from a local Los Angeles-based shop called Doole. I snagged the last dress in my size at 50% off and it is perfect! It fits like it was made for me. One of the dreamiest dresses in my closet. Probably the dreamiest. It feels extra special because, in the past, I would not have felt comfortable wearing a dress like this. I have come to realize the power of dressing for myself and not feeling self conscious. That might make this dress more powerful than the pink power suit!

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