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New Moon in Cancer |Be Kind to Yourself

This guest post was written by: Dustin, Avatar Astrology | Santa Fe, NM

New Moon in Cancer

J U N E 20 @ 11:41 P M | P S T
J U N E 23 @ 5:32 A M | P S T

Nurturing, Sympathetic, Protective

The Mother| The Healer | The Invisible Woman

This new moon finds itself at 0 degrees Cancer, a water sign which the moon rules over. Therefore, the moon is at home in this sign, it is the most comfortable in this sign. The soul can rest in this sign and with everything going on in the world right now, please please please take a deep breath (six seconds in and six seconds out), and think about how you can cultivate comfort, care, and compassion.

Current events probably have you on the edge of your seat which may lead to moody, irrational, and impulsive behavior, but let this new moon be a reminder for you to acknowledge how you express your emotions.

More importantly, remember to BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

This new moon is the ultimate recharge right now. Now is the time to really face the emotions of the past few days, weeks and allow yourself to feel or develop the ability to feel.

Cancer is most closely associated with the home which, in turn, is a container of memory. Take time to sit with those memories that bring you joy and happiness. I encourage you to interact with those memories: watch that movie, listen to that song, look at those old pictures that take you right back to those happy memories. You don’t need others to engage in tender intimacy.

Self-care is nourishment,
Saying No is protection,
and remembrance honors your roots.

Speaking of roots, a lot of families are confronting their behavior regarding the issues that have ignited protests around the world. While it is easy to point fingers and cast blame, it is important to remember that the goal is to heal the wound. Water soothes, water comforts. Use the gentle waters of this new moon in Cancer to soften the conversations with family and be prepared to empty your cup first so that it can be refilled.  

Crystals to Guide Your Way

For this new moon, I recommend the rare gemstone Ruby!

The ruby is the color of blood and blood carries oxygen to all parts of the body. Meditate with this stone, imagining your blood flowing from the heart to your head, to your arms, to your legs, to every single cell in your body.

Feel the oxygen being carried in the blood, giving life to every atom of your being, restoring your vigor and vitality. Let the fiery glow of the ruby remind you of your passion, and your confidence.

Due to its rich red color, the ruby has also been associated with helping with blood, circulatory, and heart problems. If you do not have a physical ruby, you can use an image from a book or search for a high-quality image (print if possible, but not necessary) of one on the internet.

Place your hand over the image or physical ruby and permit the energy to travel into your palm chakra, through your arm, and into your mind and heart. For all you lovers out there: the ruby is often given as a gift on 15th or 40th wedding anniversaries.    

Use any of the four elements to keep your crystals charged for maximum power:

Fire: crystals sit outside in sunlight or near a safe and contained source of fire like a candle, wood fireplace, or camp fire. 

Earth: bury crystals in earth, soil, or dirt. Wrap crystals in leaves or rest on a bed of flower petals. 

Air: burn incense and keep crystals near the smoke 

Water: Let soak in creek, stream, river, ocean, or water from home (not all crystals do well in water so research first). Let crystals sit outside in moonlight (yes, new moon light can still charge crystals!) 

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Crystal Mindfulness by Judy Hall
The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest
Spiritual Astrology: A Path to Divine Awakening by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy

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