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June Favorites: A Curated Sunday Playlist.

Happy Sunday folks.

How are you?

After writing my anxiety-filled reflection on the current political times here in America, I took the time to get off the internet to reflect, read, and learn. I wanted to create space for those voices that needed to be heard rather then fill it up with my own.

While taking my digital detox I’ve been obsessed with playing the guitar and listening to spanish tunes. The photograph above is my little home oasis 🙂 .

Spanish has been embedded into my culture as an Urban Suburban Girl growing up in Los Angeles. I studied it in grade school all the way through college; and I even wrote a 4 page essay on the digital divide in America. But yet, I can’t really hold my own when someone starts rattling off in spanish. It’s lame. I wish I could. I just get really nervous.

I was inspired by a friend from France who speaks english really well and when I asked here how she learned, she attributed it to all the american movies she watched with subtitles as a kid. So with that same idea, I decided to learn some of my favorite songs in spanish.

I’ve learned a few songs listed in this playlist. To get a real feel for the language, I’ve journaled out the lyrics and their translation so that when I strum my guitar I know the story I am sharing. It’s been a great mental escape.

Here’s a curated list of some of my favorite spanish tunes. I’ve kept them on the chill-sunday-vibe-side. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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