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Where are you right now? (emotionally…mentally…)

The Anne Frank Memorial Museum | Amsterdam

Photo: The Anne Frank Museum | Amsterdam

Where are you at right now? Mentally? Emotionally?

On the creative front — because I can’t turn that part off — I’ve been back and forth… what do I say, how do I address this? I’ve been struggling with the fine line of voicing my thoughts because I fear being labeled as silent. How can I be a resource? A sounding board? I want to be a blog that discusses culture… how do I do that?

Because ultimately I just want to blog about the fun things. But I feel like I can’t move forward without addressing the pain we are collectively going through.

The truth is, this week I’ve been scared.

Blogging has taken a back seat to my concerns. Social media has seemed foolish. Yes, it brings light and awareness to the things that needed to be seen; but as Dianne Bondy (social justice activist, author and yoga instructor) said on the Yoga Girl Podcast — she fears this is just a trend. That once the noise dies down and everyone is done posting on their socials, no change will actually happen.

I fear that as well. But I hope it’s not the truth.

For as much as I fear for what comes next, I hope this continues to jolt us into action.

I have been taking the time to absorb as much information as I can on what needs to move forward on the November 3rd election. I hope you are taking the time to do that as well.

What’s been so daunting about this moment is that I can feel it in my bones that this is a breaking point, in addition to the changes we are facing from COVID-19, American Culture is having a reckoning. Will we make amends with what needs to happen?

As a blogger and researcher, I am inclined to leave you with a list of people to follow, books to read, and groups to donate to, but I feel that I am not here to teach you about racism or social injustice. I am here to feel with you. Don’t let other people do the research for you. Be bold, crave it and learn it for yourself. Not because other people are telling you what to do.

Have a moment. What scares you? What fuels you? What are you feeling right now? Are you feeling nothing? Maybe you are avoiding…maybe you feel like this doesn’t relate to you. Dig deeper.

I guess in a way, writing this is like pinching myself — Yes, this is happening. The country is in the wake of a revolution. Are we ready?

Am I ready?

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  1. I am walking a fine line – sharing stories that hopefully help support the issues, while not trying to suggest “I understand how you feel.” That’s not my place…your post is illuminating, thanks for sharing

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