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New Moon in Gemini | Time to Follow Through

This guest post was written by: Dustin, Avatar Astrology | Santa Fe, NM

New Moon in Gemini

10:38 A M | P S T

M A Y 2 2 N D

Versatile, Curious, Fluent

The Teacher| The Silent Witness | The Storyteller

This new moon finds itself at 2 degrees Gemini. Symbolized by the Twins, Gemini is a clever air sign most closely associated with learning and education.

With the moon in this sign, there is a great connection between the mind and the soul, creating a feeling of freedom and flexibility. Therefore, Gemini teaches us the power of appreciation through tools such as curiosity, vitality, intelligence, and communication (both verbal and written).

With information gained, Gemini can properly perceive how the world speaks to us through sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. This is the perfect time to ask yourself:

What would you like to learn next? What do you want to know more about?

Now is the time to read that book you have been meaning to start, watch those TED Talks that have long interested you, or listen to the forgotten podcasts saved on your phone.

Take notes, start a daily journal, start a group chat with close friends. Be excited about something, flirt with the unknown, charm those around you with your wit and humor, but most importantly, follow through with your commitments!

Under this new moon, it can be easy to stray from the path because of all the wonderful distractions life has to offer. And while it is fine to engage in a variety of things at once, it is important to see them through to the finish line as to avoid an overburdened mind and emotional exhaustion.

Therefore, choose carefully what to allow your mind to pursue and maybe borrow from Gemini’s sister sign, Virgo, (Mercury rules both signs), and write down your goals in a planner and stick to the essentials.

*check out how to use your planner as a mindfulness tool*

After all is said and done, do not forget to share what knowledge you have learned with others! Truly listen to their opinions, hear what they have to say in response, keep an open mind throughout, and don’t be afraid of a new perception.

Crystals to Guide Your Way

For this new moon, I recommend pearls! The pearl is the traditional birthstone of June, the month that Gemini predominates. Another reason why I recommend pearls is because they are created in the seawater, an element ruled by the moon. The pearl is unique as it is one of the only precious gems that is not mined because it is actually procured from a living shelled mollusk.

Thus, the duality of Gemini, symbolized by the twins, coincides with the duality of the pearl: beautiful and iridescent, yet made from rather dull, unattractive oysters.

Whether you have a natural, cultured, or imitation pearl gaze upon its luminous surface and be reminded of the universal binaries within the universe, the opulent opposites between you and your friends/family, as well as the harmonious contradiction that exists within each of us.

Just like the pearl, you can find stability, beauty, and growth in stormy seas. If you do not have a physical pearl, you can use an image from a book or search for a high-quality image (print if possible, but not necessary) of one on the internet.

Place your hand over the image or physical pearl and permit the energy to travel into your palm chakra, through your arm, and into your mind and heart. 

Use any of the four elements to keep your crystals charged for maximum power:

Fire: crystals sit outside in sunlight or near a safe and contained source of fire like a candle, wood fireplace, or camp fire. 

Earth: bury crystals in earth, soil, or dirt. Wrap crystals in leaves or rest on a bed of flower petals. 

Air: burn incense and keep crystals near the smoke 

Water: Let soak in creek, stream, river, ocean, or water from home (not all crystals do well in water so research first). Let crystals sit outside in moonlight (yes, new moon light can still charge crystals!) 

Curious to find out what the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are in your birth chart? Use the link below to calculate your cosmic blueprint!

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Crystal Mindfulness by Judy Hall
The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest
Spiritual Astrology: A Path to Divine Awakening by Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy

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