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An Outfit Story | Lover’s Rainbow, Indio CA

An Outfit Story: A Street Fashion Series Featuring Stylish People. What they wore, and what they were thinking, feeling, and doing at that moment in time.

It was Martin’s second year attending Coachella and his whole gang couldn’t wait to take pictures with the art installations as seen on Instagram.

They left early that day from LA and drove into the desert. He recalls losing steam after hours of looking for unmapped spots.

They planned and packed outfit changes to go with each installation, and anticipated a quick and graceful drive tour like – “click click” “post post”.

As golden hour was slipping away, they still hadn’t found their first art installation until finally, low and behold they found Pia Camel’s Lover’s Rainbow.

Completely over their initial mission, they quickly snapped some photos and booked it to their airbnb before it was too late.

Martin looks back at this photo and thinks — Over it.

The silver lining? They made great PRIDE weekend photos.

Pia Camel’s Lover’s Rainbow:

“Set in two locations across the U.S.–Mexico border (Baja, Mexico and the Coachella Valley), Lover’s Rainbow is conceived as an identical set of rainbows made from painted rebar. Exposed rebar usually signals development, but too often in the Mexican landscape we see those dreams thwarted and abandoned. Historically, rainbows have symbolized rain and fertility.

Located in desert territory, the act of bending the rebar into the ground is a way to re-insert hope into the land. The mirror rainbows are also meant to throw light into the current immigration policies, prompting viewers to see things from two perspectives. Those who cross the border get the full experience. After all, going in search of the rainbow should highlight its symbolic power to re-establish hope, love, and inclusiveness when we need it most.” — As seen on

What He Wore:

Denim Jacket – Forever21
Jeans – Urban Outfitters
Doc Martens


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