My Simple Home Yoga Retreat

Home Yoga and Meditation space

My yoga space is a work in progress. It doesn’t look very Instagram-worthy, which is why I thought I’d share.

A yoga space doesn’t have to be perfect.

Over time I’ve collected books, crystals, and trinkets that make up my little corner of zen.

My Yoga space takes up one third of our guest bedroom.

It’s a hodgepodge of furniture we’ve collected from family hand-me-downs, and thrift store finds. Eventually I’d like to think that I will put more effort into making it more of a cohesive design, but right now, it works, and when I’m meditating or practicing yoga, I’m not really paying attention to what the space looks like, just as long as it’s clutter free.

Here are the essentials needed when practicing yoga at home:

A Reading Nook for Meditating & Journaling

In one corner I have a chair we found on mega sale from Cost Plus World Market. Next to it, I’ve added a bench from our old kitchen table that holds up a lamp (another hand-me-down), my journal, and some reading books.

In this chair I also like to practice the guitar, and draw. My cat loves to curl up on that fur rug we got at the flea market. This room also has the best light, so it makes for such a peaceful corner, any time of the day.

I’m currently nursing some plants on our balcony, so when they’re in better shape, I’d like to hang a few above the chair and just douse this corner in greenery.

A Mirror to Check Alignment

When doing lunges and warrior poses, it’s important to make sure your kneecap stays in line with your ankle. I have alignment issues in certain yoga poses and having a mirror while working out is crucial when it comes to preventing injuries.

This mirror moved with us from the studio and we couldn’t find a home for it in our new space — it works perfectly now as my workout mirror.

All the Yoga Accessories – Straps, Wheel, Blocks, Weights

I love having weights, resistance bands, and foam rollers nearby. The weights are from Target, and the yoga wheel is from Amazon.

Yoga Wheel and Dumbell weights added to my home yoga space for a complete home gym

All the Crystals, Sage, and Meditation Books

Crystals can be expensive, especially the big ones. Slowly, I’ve collected some of my favorites.

My favorite crystal shops in the Bay Area:
Paxton Gate – Valencia St.| The Mission District | San Francisco
Crystal Way – Market St. | The Castro District | San Francisco
World of Stone and Mystics – Front St. | Santa Cruz

I also have a collection of meditation and crystal books. I like to flip through them every once in a while when I am looking for a specific intention.

Check out these books here:
Dear Universe
The Yoga Mind
Crystals for Beginners

Online Sources for Your Practice:

Whether it’s just a few sun salutations, or a full 60 minute guided practice, having a designated space allows me to practice more often. It’s my private space where I can get some alone time.

Here are some online resources for you to try. I use Yogaworks, I love that you can do quick sessions, and filter videos based on your experience level. There’s definitely some difficult ones that require a lot of strength! I did not realize how weak I am until I tried the power yoga. For meditation, I purchased the year subscription to Calm and try to practice that daily. I also love Mindfulness in Minutes on spotify because they have the perfect music playing in the background. Give these a try and let me know what you think!

Online Yoga:
Yogaworks – $15/Month (My personal favorite)
FightMaster Yoga on Youtube – Free
Yoga with Adriene – Free

Guided Meditation:
Mindfulness in Minutes – Free on Spotify
Tibetan Bowls – Free on Spotify
Calm App – Subscription based

Be sure to also check out these daily podcasts to inspire your daily journaling. Meditation can be in many forms, you may prefer those resources instead.

Thanks for reading 😉

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