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New Moon in Taurus

The new moon in Taurus finds itself shining down on us for Earth Day - April 22nd. Taurus is an earth symbol, helping us celebrate Mother Earth.

This guest post was written by: Dustin, Avatar Astrology | Santa Fe, NM

New Moon in Taurus

7:25 P M | P S T

A P R I L 2 2 N D

a b u n d a n c e

The Earth Spirit| The Silent One | The Musician

This new moon finds itself at 3* Taurus, the zodiac sign most closely connected to Earth, nature, and the material.

This new moon is special for two reasons:
1. April 22nd is EARTH DAY
2.The moon is exalted in Taurus.

Exaltation is one of the five essential dignities which relate to the positive, negative, or neutral expression of a planet’s traits. The others are Rulership, Detriment, Fall, and Peregrine.

To keep things simple we will focus on Exaltation which means a planet’s traits are strengthened and energized. In this case, the new moon finds comfort and stability in Taurus which provides a sturdy foundation in which the moon can calmly convey its emotions, needs, and vulnerabilities.

The same applies to you! Use this time to nurture yourselves or nurture others. What gives you pleasure? What do you find beautiful? Now is the time to set new patterns and new habits around your relationship to feelings of security especially financial, emotional, and physical ones.

Open yourself up to accepting that you are worthy of abundance whether it is money, friends, or love/affection. The easiest way to invite these prosperities into your life is to sit with the earth.

The moon is associated most closely with the feminine, particularly the Mother. As I mentioned earlier, Taurus is most closely connected to Earth. Therefore, this week as we celebrate the Earth, I challenge you to align yourself with Mother Nature in some way whether that is through taking a hike on a local trail (while social distancing of course), meditating near your plants or flowers, or cooking a healthy meal full of fruits, vegetables, and herbs; all while mindfully aware of the beauty and the art in each process.

It is often in silence that we find gratitude and appreciation which attracts the bounty we deserve.

New Moon in Taurus Earth Sign Quote by Audrey Hepburn

Crystals to Guide Your Way

For this New Moon, I recommend wearing or holding Pyrite more commonly known as fool’s gold.

With its metallic luster and reflective quality, may Pyrite motivate you to look at yourself in the mirror, recognize and realize your worth, your value, your talent.

Hold it close to your heart and repeat Deepak Chopra’s centering thought:

“From this moment forward, I invite unlimited abundance into my life”.

If you do not have a physical Pyrite, you can use an image from a book or search for a high-quality image (print if possible, but not necessary) of one on the internet. Place your hand over the image and permit the energy to travel into your palm chakra, through your arm, and into your mind and heart. 

Pyrite Fools Gold, The New Moon in Taurus Crystal to Guide your Way. Earth Day, Reflective, Pathway

Use any of the four elements to keep your crystals charged for maximum power:

Fire: crystals sit outside in sunlight or near a safe and contained source of fire like a candle, wood fireplace, or camp fire. 

Earth: bury crystals in earth, soil, or dirt. Wrap crystals in leaves or rest on a bed of flower petals. 

Air: burn incense and keep crystals near the smoke 

Water: Let soak in creek, stream, river, ocean, or water from home (not all crystals do well in water so research first). Let crystals sit outside in moonlight (yes, new moon light can still charge crystals!) 

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Notable Sources:
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