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Design Curated: A Baroque Inspired Bedroom

In my Design Curated series, I take you through some of my favorite design inspirations and bring you a curated shopping list for your next room makeover. Featuring items handmade and thrifted, be sure to stick around for other Curated Designs.

The Baroque Elements

Drama by texture, color, and statement furniture.
Detail by Gold Ornaments, Wallpapers, and Fabrics

King Louis the XIV and his opulent taste for Rococo architecture is usually the image that comes to mind when one references the baroque period. To add a soundtrack to that, think Bach or Vivaldi — composers famous for their trills and exuberant sounds.

Baroque furniture design, being ornamental and dramatic in nature, can be quite expensive, but with an imaginative eye and a thrifter’s mindset, you can easily find pieces on Etsy, Craigslist, or your local flea market.

Baroque Period Architecture and Interior Design

First I’d like to mention a few antique shops online that you should definitely consider when looking for those one-of-a-kind pieces.

1) Chairish is an online homegoods store whose inventory is specially curated to meet high standards of design and quality. They boast a “no ikea” furniture inventory and you can be sure that what you find and purchase from their website is unique.

2) If you’re from the Bay Area, I recommend The Local Flea, they have a warehouse in South San Francisco where you can visit and get a feel for the furniture, or they can ship it anywhere in the U.S. with full service delivery options for Bay Area locals.

Interior Design Mood Board with Canva Featuring Baroque Style Elements from Wayfair, Anthropologie, and Target

How to add Baroque Design Elements to Your Home

Step 1: Use a Dramatic Headboard

Think: Tufted, Velvet, Bold, Royal.

Finding the right headboard will be your starting point. It should be the most dramatic piece in the bedroom. I suggest getting a headboard as it’s cheaper than a bed frame. Scout & Nimble and Restoration Hardware have some beautiful modern designs on the high end of the price spectrum. Here are a few that caught my eye:

On the High End: $2,198 Sangria Ainsworth Bed by Anthropologie
On the Low End: $135 Harbert Upholstered Headboard by Wayfair

This headboard is more modern. It’s dramatic in its boldness, and it’s detail in the tufted fabric make it a great starting point for a baroque inspired bedroom. At $135, you can’t beat it.

Step 2: Add a Statement Chair

Think: Ornamental, Intricate, Detailed, Lush.

If the bed were the dress, then the chair would be the Louboutins to your outfit. You may never sit in it, and that’s ok because it’s sole purpose is to make a statement. You can sub the chair for a dresser or vanity if it doesn’t serve your bedroom needs. Here are some chairs that caught my eye:

On the High End: $1,780 on Etsy

Beautiful Baroque Design Ornate Chair

This beauty is handcrafted and sold on Etsy by Sittin Pretty By MyLeen based out of Miami Florida. They make custom order european antiques and offer flexible payment plans…so dangerous!

On the Low End: $250 at Target

The deep green velvet and studded detail make this chair a perfect piece to place in the corner of your room. I love the added element of a fur blanket on top for that extra dramatic feel. Target also offers split payments with Affirm, which is a great way to achieve a room makeover without busting the bank all at once.

Step 3: Add Color or Print to your Walls

Think: Bold, Royal, Confident.

I think you can go a few ways when it comes to the walls. You can either go ham and paint all four walls, paint a statement wall, or opt for textured and printed wallpapers.

Photo Source: Graham & Brown Ltd. Baroque Design Wall Paper | Florals

Baroque colors are known to be regal and bold such as purple, indigo, ebony, deep red, and strong blues.

If you can’t paint the walls or add wall paper, a curated wall of portraits, landscapes, and other gold framed pieces would be an excellent touch.

Photosource: Brit+Co | Baroque Inspired Statement Wall Design | Interior Design Tips

Here’s something cool I found on Etsy:

Artistic Painting Co. on etsy makes these pattern rubber rollers. You could use this on your wall, on a table top, or to create custom art pieces.

I would love to try this out in gold paint over a dark charcoal wall. How would you use it?

Wall Design

Step 4: All the Gold Elements

Time to get bougie with it.

The last and most important part of any room makeover is the accessories. It’s the jewelry to your outfit, the zhuzh. Here are three pieces I would start with:

On the High End: $400 Pavo Side Table by Anthropologie

Photo Source: Anthropologie | Home Interiors | Furniture | Interior Design

Peacocks are known as the symbol for royalty — what better way to decorate a baroque themed bedroom than with a beautiful gold peacock side table. Now you’ll have the perfect place to set down your gin and tonic.

On the Low End: $60 Antique Oval Mirror on Etsy

Baroque Design Mirror

Isn’t she a beauty? Add this to a statement wall filled with mix matched gold frames and voila — you have baroque-chic. Secret Window Mirrors is based out of Seattle Washington. You can check out their curated vintage items on etsy.

On the Low End: $50 Vintage Gold Candlesticks on Wayfair

I love the vintage feel of candles. Such a simple element can be very transporting. These candlesticks can be found on Wayfair. If it were an option, I would prefer to shop these gold accents at a flea market or an antique shop.

My favorite flea markets are the Treasure Island Flea Market in San Francisco and the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Los Angeles.

Step 5: Set the Mood & Enjoy

An iPhone Gramaphone by Decorian Design

If a baroque style bedroom is what you are going for, then you definitely want to make sure you have a way to blast Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or Pachebel’s Canon. Here’s something I found on Etsy that would help you channel your inner Marie Antoinette.

and lastly…

I bid you farewell with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons- Autumn:

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  1. These are great tips especially if you love to decorate a little bit different. I am a wallpaper girl so I love all the choices you showed here. Thank you

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