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Modern & Sleek Cat Furniture that Will Elevate Your Apartment

Check out these 5 handmade cat hangouts, beds, and litter cabinets. All made on Etsy, and all made to add style to your home.

Owning both a dog and a cat, I have to say — cats are still the coolest. My dog is the lover, but my cat — he is the duuuude. Anywhere he perches he sits with such sophisticated style, usually with an arm purposefully stretched out in front of him. When he moves, every gesture seems to have so much purpose. It’s fascinating to watch him jump, leap, and when he’s into it — chase his laser.

If you’re a cat owner, than you know that cat toys don’t really work. Cats may show interest for 30 seconds, then they’re off to go inspect the packaging. My cat Joey is more into boxes and plastic than any other toy we’ve tried to shake in front of his face.

When it comes to treating my cat, I prefer to build him a new nest or hangout spot. I usually create a new place for him in the bookshelf with these cool Ikea Cat Nests. Some day, I’d like to build him a catwalk.

Check out these 5 handmade pieces found on Etsy. Your cat is sure to love them, and your home style won’t have to suffer either.

Modern Nightstand and Cat Condo by PurrFurPL

Cat house cat bed gift for catlover cat cabinet modern cat image 1

Artist Damian Rymaszewski from Poland is the mastermind behind these mid-century modern cat statement pieces. His shop named PurrFurPL has 395 sales of beautiful and functional art.

Mid-Century Modern Cat Feeding Stand by WoodPecKer

Cat furniture Wooden Feeding Stand with Fresh Green Grass image 0

Russian artist Ksenia owns this Etsy shop called Woodpetker. You can also follow her and her fur babies on her Instagram @woodpetker. This food tray would be a great accent to any kitchen. Especially one pulling in that retro vibe with the checkered floor, or a super clean and minimalist look.

Super Simple and Sleek Cat Shelves by HappyPetUa

Cat Wall Shelves Cat Bed Cat Shelf Cat Play Furniture Cat image 3

This is the kind of cat walk I’d love to assemble for my cat Joey. Placed purposefully, these hexagon cat shelves are dual purpose cat hangout & wall art. These cat wall shelves can be found on HappyPetUa’s Etsy shop.

Rustic Cat Litter Box Cabinet by RedGarage

Cat Litter Box Cat Furniture Litter Storage Wood Cat image 3

No one wants to see your cat litter box. I have something similar to this and it’s a great way to keep the mess consolidated and hidden from guests. This cabinet would look lovely in a mudroom, laundry room, or tucked in the corner of a family room. You can find it in white at RedGarage’s Etsy shop.

Beautifully Woven Cat Nest Perfect for the Bohemian Home.

Cat cave house hammock bed  Modern cat furniture image 1

I love this cat hammock. Although considered a hammock and constructed to be suspended in the air, this would look very stylish in a corner with some plants. You could achieve the ultimate bohemian vibe, totally Instagram worthy. This Etsy shop is called AfricanHeritageGH. Their pet baskets and hammocks would make a great statement piece in any room.

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2 comments on “Modern & Sleek Cat Furniture that Will Elevate Your Apartment

  1. These are really interesting! Our cat finds anywhere to sleep, middle of the sofa or in shoe storage! I may have to have a look around and see if there’s anything that can make our little bubs more comfortable.

    • I wish I could sleep as much as they do. He loves his nests in the closet and in the bookshelves, sometimes under the covers and then I accidentally sit on him! lol Thanks for reading! 🙂

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