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How are we feeling?

Hi Friends,

It’s been a crazy few weeks. February was a whirlwind for me in that I finally grew the balls to quit my full time job and take a leap towards a career change. Gearing up towards that decision to quit without another job in place, took a lot of emotional energy and brain power, my creative projects took a backseat.

My last day was Friday, the 13th, and let’s just say, it’s been a weird and uncertain time to be letting go of job security and stepping into the unknown. I did manage to snag a job offer during the offboarding of my last two weeks, but the onboarding of my new job is on hold because well, Coronavirus.

As of today, the Bay Area has been mandated by the local government to practice a “shelter-in-place”. The weather has also been wet and gray. There is this feeling that, with the weather, and the possibility of running into the wrong person outside, there is something out to get us. I feel like I’m in that movie Birdbox. (dramatic?)

I’ve been looking forward to this break between careers to really focus on the blog and just dive into content creation, but I’ve felt uninspired by the situation.

Some bloggers have found their stride in this uncertainty adding to the chorus of tips and tricks to do while we are all #alonetogether; and I’ve found some companies and bloggers totally ignoring the current times which comes across as tone deaf, to me at least…so where to find the middle ground?

I’ve really enjoyed this post by Oh Joy where she writes reminds us to support small businesses…

…After a few trips to Safeway where it really feels like the world is ending, I found this grocery guide by CNN helpful…

… And on that note, I really liked Amishi’s blog post on Naive Cook about what she is stocking up on.

For me, I’ve found these free and paid subscriptions extremely helpful to my mental state:

I think the most stressful part is that we are uncertain of whether or not this will balloon into something more, or — my naive optimism– come to a conclusion soon. I believe the former is more of our reality.

I may continue to push through with some blog posts NOT pertaining to coronavirus, but I may also practice silence. I will take it day by day.

How do you feel about all of this? What are you doing to feel normal and sane?

Take care of yourselves,

Urban Suburban Girl

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  1. Terrific post. Yes, an uncertain time to be sure, and social media is actually a great way to share common concerns and tips, as well as ways to distract ourselves from the daily news….only in the sense that we must follow the best directives for fighting this pandemic, without becoming obsessed with the “minute by minute” – because this is going to take weeks or longer…and sharing stories, ideas, etc make us a closer community even in a time of “social distancing”

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