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A Workable Cafe: Redwood City’s Coupa Cafe

This is a blog series titled: A Workable Cafe. There are so many great cafes in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, but in my opinion, not all of them make a great work space. For each cafe featured they will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  1. Do they have nice, sturdy tables with actual chairs? I get uncomfortable fairly quickly so I need an actual chair vs. a slouchy couch. Also, by the nature of my work, I need to use a mouse to chop away at spreadsheets, so sitting up properly where I can lay out all my working tools is important.
  2. Is there free Wifi? You would think this was a given… but I’ve found myself at many cafes were you have to pay per hour for wifi! It sucks.
  3. Do they offer great food and drink options? I love a great cafe that serves things other than pastries. Especially if you are going to be camped out doing some serious work, you need real sustenance.
  4. What is the atmosphere like? I can’t stand it when it’s too crowded to get any work done OR (the worst) when I go to a cafe and the baristas are blasting their techno workout playlist that just makes it impossible to concentrate. *cough cough* Philz Coffee in the Tenderloin *cough cough*
  5. Are the bathrooms clean?… for obvious reasons.

So follow along for some great recommendations on where to get some work done from The City down to Silicon Valley.

Coupa Cafe | Redwood City

Coupa Cafe is a family owned business founded in downtown Palo Alto in 2004. They support local, organic, sustainable, and family run farms. Their original location offers an event space via PeerSpace.Com which is often occupied by an art show when I pass by. The music they plan in the background reflect the region they source their coffee: Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Brasil, Ethiopia and India.

I will be reviewing their Redwood City location for this post.

The Workable Cafe Criteria:

Do they have nice, sturdy tables with actual chairs?

Yes! There’s plenty of seating, communal tables, individual tables, bar tables, and outlets where you need them.

Is there free Wifi? Yes

Do they offer great food and drink options? Plenty of food options!! They serve salads, tacos, crepes, wraps, and breakfast all day. They even serve beer and wine.

Happy Hour is Available
My Breakfast Burrito
Grab-N-Go Salads and Wraps.

What is the atmosphere like? We’ve worked from this cafe twice on a Saturday from 10am – 2pm. The vibe was super relaxed and the crowd stayed to a minimum, which is what I prefer. They play the best music (in my opinion) — Latin inspired, reggae feels, and old school salsa — the right beats to keep you awake, but yet fade into the background while you focus.

Are the bathrooms clean? Yes, the bathroom is clean. I give it a 9 out of 10.

My ONLY gripe: I wish they offered a blonde roast. They only serve a dark roast, which tastes too bitter or “burnt”. I’m a black coffee kind of girl and this dark roast is hard to finish. I’m a coffee snob, what can I say?

Aside from the coffee, everything is a 10 out of 10. There menu is so robust, and their atmosphere too perfect, that I can’t knock it over the type of roast they serve. LOL!

This Cafe is a 8 minute walk from the Redwood City Caltrain Station. Click on the photo below to check it out on Google Maps.

Google Maps
Redwood City Caltrain Walking Map to Coupa Cafe

2 comments on “A Workable Cafe: Redwood City’s Coupa Cafe

  1. John Rieber

    My Sister-In-Law used to live near there and always went to the Coupa Cafe…she loved the food and the upbeat, friendly atmosphere and the professionalism the staff exuded….

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