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In the Kitchen: From Basic to Not-So-Basic Vegetarian Tacos

The Meal: Soyrizo and Bean Tacos

The Magic: Homemade flour tortillas and cilantro lemon yogurt

Last night, I didn’t have much planned other than to catch up on some work for the office and fold some laundry. One thing I like to do when I procrastinate on projects is start something super messy in the kitchen… like baking cookies. My boss calls it “procrastibaking”. I can’t decide if I like this new habit of mine or find it quite annoying. On the one hand, I create something delicious and on the other, I make a bigger mess and procrastinate longer on what I actually need to get done.

I didn’t have much to turn my soyrizo tacos into anything special so I tried out an easy flour tortilla recipe from Nourish and Fete. The ingredients on hand to fill the tacos were: beans, soyrizo, cheese & avocado.

Inspired by Salt & Lavender’s Greek Yogurt Cilantro Sauce, I made a quick topping with my favorite — Pavel’s Low Fat Russian Yogurt, lemon, and chopped cilantro.

The end result? A Pinterest Win!

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