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#Goals: Podcasts to Keep You Motivated in 2020

I love listening to podcasts while I go for my morning walk and sometimes while I put my makeup on. I found that after the chaos of planning a wedding in July, I was in need of a mental and emotional reset. I found mindfulness in long walks, practicing yoga and meditation. In all of those activities, I used apps, podcasts and books to help me dive deeper in the moment of the activity.

If you’ve set goals for this new year, I want to remind you that a dream is nothing without a plan, and a plan should include actionable and specific steps. Setting daily and weekly habits is one way of setting actionable steps and will be the driving force when it comes to executing your goals. For me, a daily podcast is a great way to get me pumped up for the day, I think you will enjoy them too.

Here’s my repertoire of daily inspirational podcasts to keep you moving towards your goals this new year.

Daily Inspiration in 10 Minutes or Less

I’ve mentioned The Confidence and Motivation Development Podcast in my goal setting posts before, it covers a lot of actionable steps to check in with yourself, improve your mindset, and encourage you to tap into your full potential. Michael W.’s voice and approach might not be for everyone, but I enjoy the quick motivational episodes to play in the background as I put my makeup on or brush my teeth.

Check out an episode here: Google Podcast

This is a great podcast if you are into journaling or would like to start journaling. In less than 10 minutes, Rachel Brathen talks you through a topic of the day, including one day of guided meditation. Some episodes include topics such as, “Do you know where you’re going?”, “How to love yourself”, and “A Meditation to Help You Slow Down”. If you find yourself craving more, she has a longer Yoga Girl Podcast: Conversations From the Heart where she talks with guests like Deepak Chopra and other like minded individuals.

Check out Yoga Girl Daily (10 minutes or less): On Spotify

Check out Yoga – The longer version (30 – 60 min): Conversations from the Heart

This daily podcast starts out with a deep breath, which after a few days of listening to it, I started to crave. The collective deep breath really helped me focus on the mindfulness of my walk, which was the activity I did everytime I tuned in. In under 10 minutes, Deepak Chopra dives into topics such as happiness, gratitude, sex, the true self, and more. Every Friday, he ends the week with a 10-minute meditation. This is one of my favorite, favorites!

Check out this podcast: On Spotify, Or Apple

Daily Inspiration in 30 – 60 Minutes

The planner that I am obsessed with also has a podcast (!!). Of course I listen to it. Plan a Happy Life with the founder Stephanie Flemming, talks about ways you can plan a happy life with approachable, realistic ways to view “happiness”. They are the ones that gave me the quote, “a dream is nothing without a plan.” Their episodes include topics such as “Setting Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep,” “The Power of Habits,” and “Relax, There is No Such Thing As Perfect.” You don’t need to own one of their planners to understand or join the conversation… although, you might want one after listening. 😉

Image result for here to thrive podcast

Here To Thrive is a podcast that talks about tools and ideas for personal growth. Kate Snowise describes herself as Psychologist turned high potential Life & Executive Coach. Every episode explores soul-searching prompts backed by psychological research. *Bonus: She has an Aussie accent which makes listening to all the more pleasant. 🙂

Listen to Here To Thrive: Here

Image result for Nike Trained podcast

For those of you who have fitness as top of the mind, this podcast is for you. Trained by Nike brings you all the best of psychology, biology, and holistic fitness to discuss how the mind and body work. Their motto — Greatness isn’t born, it’s trained.

Topics include, “How the Tiniest Habits Lead to the Biggest Changes”, “Food is Medicine”, & “A Training Lifestyle Takes Planning.”

All of these topics are relevant no matter what your goal is this year, not only for those trying to lose weight or get buff. An athlete mindset is a focused mindset, and anything discussed here can be applied towards any goal.

Listen to Trained on: Apple Podcasts

What podcasts do you listen to? Let me know in the comments below.

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5 comments on “#Goals: Podcasts to Keep You Motivated in 2020

  1. NIce post! I’ll deffo try to check out Trained by Nike, that sounds like something up my alley. I wrote a post recently about the podcasts I listen to:
    Le tme know if you check any of them out and what you think!

  2. NIce post! I’ll deffo try to check out Trained by Nike, that sounds like something up my alley. I wrote a post recently about the podcasts I listen to:
    Le tme know if you check any of them out and what you think!

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