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#Goals: My 2020 Vision Board

It’s January… so we are talking all about goals this month 😉

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to sit down and reflect on some accomplishments from 2019 and brainstorm on some goals for 2020.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am focusing on the rule of 3 for 2020. I am definitely a Jack of all trades, master of none, and you know what…. I am exhausted by it!

I had a hard time choosing which hobbies I wanted to focus on for 2020, but I finally narrowed it down and I feel relieved and excited to focus on 3 areas of my life.

** Jump to the end to check out how I created my 2020 Vision Board using the Rule of 3 and S.M.A.R.T. goals on Youtube**

Annual Goals:

The rule of 3 talks about – you only have time to do 3 things well in your day, week, and year. In other words, you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew, also backed by the conversation that multitasking really isn’t a good thing.

According to a study at Stanford University sited by many articles, multitasking has been proven to impair your cognitive thinking, weakens your memory, and most frightening for me — KILLS YOUR CREATIVITY!

(Read about how multitasking sucks your brain power here and here)

As a planner addict, I can go a little overboard with the goal setting and list making, so much so that I overplan and as a result feel overwhelmed and exhausted. This year I’m really going to focus on keeping my goals simple, lean, and efficient so that I can be my most creative self.

But before I decided on the 3 areas, I put some thought into: what gives me purpose?

Time is precious, life is short… just do what you love.

Since I feel like I spend about 70% of my life at work in my office, realistically I only have 2 areas of my life where I can fit in personal time towards nurturing my personal goals, and I have so many of them!

There are hobbies that I do really well, such as planning, scrapbooking and decorating my planner and journal, and blogging! By “well” I mean, I don’t think twice about it, I don’t sweat it, and it’s something I wake up early to do because I enjoy putting in that time, it’s therapeutic and it brings me peace.

So then I asked myself the follow up question: What can I do well without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed?

There are other hobbies, that sometimes bring me frustration or can borderline feel like a chore, and lately those have been practicing the cello, gardening, or even drawing illustrations for possible gigs.

Soccer…well that of course take a lot of discipline and time, and quite frankly, my body hurts, so I think I should definitely take a break from physical contact sports.

Then there was being the hostest with the mostest…I always want to plan more events like dinner parties and workshops but that costs a lot of money and precious time….

So after listing out those things above, I was able to clear the way for my top priorities…

For my 3 annual goals I have chosen:

  1. Blogging and developing my brand of Urban Suburban Girl
    • This is my ultimate creative outlet. It is my brand that I can craft to encompass whatever creativity I am feeling in the moment.
  2. Focusing on creating a lifestyle that will support #1.
    • This past year, my goal was to just try and be as consistent when it comes to blogging. It can be quite difficult working full time as a database manager. Working with data sucks my brain power and there are certainly times during the year where I can’t bear to look at a computer screen. So I put some thought into my career as well — does it help serve my creative instincts? Does it provide a flexible lifestyle. Fortunately, right now, where I work, it does. So I feel blessed… but the long term trajectory of data administration and management, it doesn’t. My mom works in this industry and she works all the time, sometimes on Christmas… So my #2 for 2020 is to look into other career options.
    • Disclaimer–I know all jobs are difficult and that all jobs suck brain power. But the creative in me is looking for something less left brain and more right brain… And I’m a millennial, after all.. and word on the street is that we want a career that gives us purpose, that aligns with our passions… not just a job to pay the bills.
  3. Practice Gratitude with the career I have now, as it supports #1 and #2
    • I love where I work right now, and feel empowered by what I do. But going into my 30’s I know that whatever job I do next when I leave this stage in my life, it will be in a whole new industry. SO -my goal is to bring gratitude, patience, and practice being my best self at work as it allows me the flexibility and cash flow to explore education for a career change, and money for my hobbies.

Measurable Goals with Monthly and Daily Habits

Phew! Ok, now that I’ve finished fleshing out the hard part, the fun begins.

Within each goal listed above, I thought about specific outcomes. I tried my best to follow the famous S.M.A.R.T. goal guidlines which stands for:




Relevant or sometimes Realistic

Time Bound

After coming up with measurable goals, I envisioned the monthly, weekly and daily goals as the vehicle and road to get me where I need to go. When you look at a month, there are only 4 weekends. Working full time, these are essentially the only days where I can devote the most time to a hobby. So I had to get realistic with myself and designate weekends to studying or content creation. Last year, I often planned too many social events, or distracted myself with “errands”. Blocking out weekends on my calendar to make sure I actually focus on one thing will be my monthly plan of attack.

For the weekly and daily goals, I think about routine. How can I make sure I am my best self so that I can have free weekends to just study or create content. How can I make sure I am my best self so that I am the most productive at work. For me that boiled down to health maintenance and keeping a clean environment for inspiration.

I created a video about this on my youtube channel, as it was much easier to talk about than type it out.

What are your goals for 2020? What are some pitfalls you have faced with goal setting in the past? Will you be simplifying your life this year? Let me know in the comments below… or just say hello, that’s cool too 🙂

Thanks for reading and happy goal setting!

5 comments on “#Goals: My 2020 Vision Board

  1. You have a focused plan, but also seem to have realistic expectations – the key is to keep moving forward and don’t let anything or anyone discourage you – it’s your life, make it the one you want!

  2. You have a focused plan, but also seem to have realistic expectations – the key is to keep moving forward and don’t let anything or anyone discourage you – it’s your life, make it the one you want!

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