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#Goals: The Rule of 3

Hey Friends,

Happy 2020! I am excited to share with you a goal setting tip for your New Year’s resolutions. I know we are a good week into it, but it’s never too late to start. Goals are ever-evolving, and require constant review and sometimes adjustments…you can start a goal at any point in the year, really, and you can even drop one if it no longer serves you well.

As a planner lover, I love to host vision board making workshops for my friends where I guide them through reflective conversations about setting goals… and of course I bring all the stickers and markers for them to decorate their vision board.

This week, I have really been inspired by The Confidence and Motivation Development Podcast and this idea I’ve stumbled upon a few times in my life that seem to be calling out to me lately — The Rule of 3.

As a planner addict, I can easily get sucked into making TOO many lists, and setting TOO many goals. I am also the type of person who has TOO many hobbies and passions. As I sit down and think through my 2020 vision, I really want to focus on choosing 3 things, and doing them well.

Being honest with myself and recognizing which passions no longer bring me joy, or which ones I am dragging along for the sake of adding it to my self-image has been a tough exercise, but one that has brought me so much clarity and purpose. It’s not that I’m giving up on certain passions, I am simply setting them aside while I focus on the things that I can do well, right now.

I encourage you to start thinking about your 2020 goals. Below I have outlined some resources for you. Check them out, share them with your friends, and let’s make 2020 a great year.

Resources to Inspire Your Vision Board for 2020

Podcast Pep Talk:

The Confidence and Motivation Podcast | 9 Signs That You’ve Found Your Purpose

The Rule of 3:

You can only do 3 things in your day, week, month, or year to the fullest and do it well.

The power of 3’s are everywhere: Morning, Afternoon, & Night; Body, Soul, & Spirit; Birth, Life, & Death.

Read more about it here:

Pick 3 Things. Now Do Them Well

How the Rule of 3 Can Simplify Your Daily Life

The Rule of 3 Take Control of your Day, Take Charge of your life

Peace Easy,

Urban Suburban Girl

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