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3 Great Places to People Watch in Paris

Traveling to Paris anytime soon? Here are some great places to sit and take in Parisian life. I couldn’t believe I was there when I got a chance to visit. I even got emotional when I saw the Eiffel Tower… I often have random waves of missing Paris. I can’t wait to go back. Luckily, my husband’s friend lives there with his lovely wife, so we have people to visit and show us around. I took so many great photos, too many to pour into one post. For now, here are my top 3 spots for people watching and taking in the sites, sounds and scents of Paris.

Located in Montmarte, Paris, The Sacre Coure which translates to the cathedral of the heart sits on the second highest point of the city. From it’s cathedral steps you can get a great view of the city, locals and tourists sit during sunset and enjoy music, drinks, and good company. To my Bay Area folks, it’s sort of like the Dolores Park of Paris.

This place was a tip from a shared Lyft ride. This old train station was transformed into a very cool hang out spot. The bar is where the main station used to be, with tall airy ceilings and ivy taking over the walls. From the street, it is very deceiving how big this place is, with plenty of places to sit and socialize or hide away in a corner.

This picture above is the lower outside area which used to be the train platform. Along this platform they also house chickens and koi fish. Across the tracks you can watch all the city cats jumping from ledge to ledge of apartment buildings, lounging and soaking up the Paris sun. It is a true gem in the middle of the city.

 This Plaza is historically significant (what isn’t in Europe?) because it marks the general location of one of the ancient Paris walls Charles V established to enclose what was once the limits of the city.

On the south side of the square sits the 3rd arrondissement which was the location of the fortress of the Knights of Templar. Some of the surrounding buildings are marked with bullet holes from the resistance fighters attacking the last German troops still in Paris near the end of WWII.

In it’s modern age, this plaza is known as the place of “young political Paris” acting as a center stage for young activists, marches and political campaigns.

It’s location really does act as a gateway, as it’s a central location that will spit you out towards all the tourist attractions on your Paris bucket list.

Cafe Republique gives you a great view of the whole plaza.

Film Nostalgia…

Thanks for reading and — Bon Weekend!

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