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Instagram Worthy Toast and Coffee| Home Cafe, SF

I am a black coffee kind of girl. I rarely ever deviate from the everyday cup of joe. My friends, the foodies that we are, saw some photos of a magical rainbow latte and we had to go check it out.

Home Cafe’s first location (pictured above) is in the Sunset District of San Francisco, which is actually the foggiest part of town. I wouldn’t say this is a workable cafe but it is definitely a cafe you take your friends to get some Instagram shots. Every time I’ve been, there is a long line and nowhere to sit. They have two locations, the second one in the Richmond District is just as crowded as this one.

On this visit, I tried their Dulce de Leche Toast and my friend ordered Egg in a Basket. The Latte Pictured above is their Birthday Cake Latte.

Their menu features fun, unique flavors such as Cookie Monster Latte, Lavender Latte, and Nutella Late. Other toasts in the running were their savory toasts such as Tomato, Truffle, and Oil Pesto, and the Chicken Meatball Pesto Toast. Definitely give them a quick google on line (or check out their links provided below) to see more amazing food art.

Check out their Menu HERE

Check out their Instagram HERE

See what people on Yelp are ordering HERE

Photo Taken from @HomeSF on Instagram

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4 comments on “Instagram Worthy Toast and Coffee| Home Cafe, SF

  1. Terrific photos…beautifully framed!

  2. Terrific photos…beautifully framed!

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