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My 2020 Planner Lineup

This is my favorite time of year…. Planner season ya’ll. Everyone is trying to find their perfect match, their perfect companion notebook/planner that will help them achieve all their goals… am I right? Or am I right?

I am a planner addict and I have so much to say about planners and how to incorporate the right one for your needs. I started to outline a blog post to share my favorite planners for 2020 and found that I could do a whole series worth of planner posts, so as some people do a Vlogmas, or a Blogmas, I plan to do a 12 days of Planners Series that will link up with my Youtube channel that is dedicated to my planner obsession.

For starters, this blog post will share my planner lineup from last year along with some lessons of being a planner addict, ending with my 2020 planner lineup.

It’s so ridiculous I know, but I love it. ha ha . Enjoy 😉

My 2019 Planner Lineup

This was a goal for 2019 — to post a planner video. I spend so much time watching planner and makeup videos on Youtube, I decided I should just go for it., and make my own. Why not?

I put this video out there just to see what would happen and I was surprised to see 2,000 views in the first month, adding up to 3,430 views to date. Not bad for not having an instagram to promote it, nor did I even announce it on Twitter (like that would help much anyways). This past year I used 4 planners.

Here is what I learned:

  1. Frankenplanning, piecing together multiple planners into one, doesn’t really work for me. It’s more effective to have everything all in one layout so that I can see it in my face all the time.
  2. When you Frankenplan, you will still neglect certain sections, which feed the perpetual cycle of wanting to have another planner to “solve” the problem.
  3. There will always be another planner I need and…
  4. … as Nike would say — Just do it! I would spend so much time planning, tracking, creating my perfect hypothetical day or week, I would never actually DO anything.
  5. People often think that the people in the Planner Addict Community are super organized and have their shit together, but really, I feel that it’s an illusion. We just strive for the perfection and procrastinate. I won’t knock that it’s therapeutic. But balance is key. Setting aside time to get into your planner and sticking to a strict rule to only plan on a Sunday (for instance) is crucial to actually getting shit done.

My 2020 Planner Lineup

So! For this year, I want to simplify my life and use one planner. Although I may obsess and crush on other planners that I so despartely want to find reasons to use, I am committed to sticking to the one that spoke to me the most.

What I love about this planner brand is that I can take pages out and customize it however I like. I just took my 2019 Vision board that I made last year and inserted it into my current 2020 lineup, and it’s been nice to check some goals off giving me that last push of inspiration for the end of the year.

I feel that, coming out of my 20’s I’m starting to (finally) develop this “fuck it” attitude when letting my freak flag fly so I am a lot more confident about sharing these things with my friends, family, and the internet. I look forward to sharing more planner videos in addition to my other lifestyle topics.


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2 comments on “My 2020 Planner Lineup

  1. Thank you for sharing your lineup. I TOTALLY RELATE to #4 on your list above…I spend WAY TOO MUCH time planning to do things and not actually DOING them! SMH! I’m making a change in 2020 to stop planning what I’m going to do and only write in my planner what I actually GET DONE. I literally have a section in my planner marked DONE and each day I’ll write down what I actually did that day in support of my goals. I’m hoping this will encourage me to DO SOMETHING just so I get to write in my planner, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this idea. I am a fan of writing down 3 things I accomplished for the day along with 3 things I am grateful for. It makes a great mindfulness practice and really does work to encourage me to get more things done. Best of luck to you — may you have a productive 2020 🙂 thank you for reading ❤

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