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Sunday Journal: Keeping warm with the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Last night we returned from our Thanksgiving in LA with Dylan’s family. It was so much fun and my first celebrating it Puerto Rican style.

Saturday, there was rain which turned into snow on the barely moving Grapevine. We returned to our humble abode grateful to still have Sunday before we return to work.

The house was so cold when we returned, that even after a night of blasting the heater, we still struggled to keep our noses warm. I decided to turn the oven on and bake something to help warm up the apartment.

It was raining outside, we watched ridiculous movies all day and hey, guess what — we finally wrote thank you cards for our wedding… in July! Our cat Joey is very pleased to have us back home, he’s just been head butting me all day.

In the oven, I pulled out Pinterest and attempted Chelsea’s Messy Apron’s Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I’ve made many cookies in my day, and these rank in the top 3. I didn’t have the cornstarch it called for but it still turned out super fluffly and delicious. The key was to chill the melted butter before mixing it into to sugar and eggs! Brilliant!

… and for those of you Julia Childs out there who already knew that… well my bad for being a little late in the game.

May the rain continue. We really need it. Not to mention the great excuse it provides to just sit around and be lazy.

I hope you have a great week,

Urban Suburban Girl + Joey the Cat

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