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Trying out an AirbnbPlus + Airbnb Experience in Nashville, TN

I just spent a week in Nashville, TN for a work conference. I had one full day to explore the city. I chose to stay in a super eclectic Airbnb Plus and try out one of the local Airbnb Experiences.

For those who don’t know, Airbnb offers experiences from a local for any destination. This can be anything from a cooking lesson, using traditional and local ingredients, a mural tour and photo shoot, or a historic walk around town.

An Airbnb Plus means a verified home that meets a program checklist, is deemed as “thoughtfully designed”, and promises a more unique experience for your stay.

My Airbnb Plus


Photos from Airbnb Listing

This tub was the deal maker. I was traveling solo so I knew I would enjoy a glass of wine and a book in this beautiful tub rather than trying to make small talk with a stranger at a loud bar…


The Neighborhood: 12th South

The Vibe: Artistic, Foodie Heaven

Places to visit:

White’s Mercentile – for Nashville souvenirs made by local artists, great home decor and more.

Five Daughters Bakery – Known for their 100 layer donuts and unique flavors. Get there early, there’s always a long line!

P.S. They serve vegan donuts too!

Imogene & Willie – A tip from my Airbnb Experience host, this old Gas Station is now a custom jean shop. They measure, cut, design and make your jeans right there in Nashville; and they are made to last forever. With Nashville being Music City, and home to Country Music, a pair of great denim make the perfect souvenir.

Airbnb Experience: Photoshoot & Tour of 12th South Area

Ok. So I’ve been on this whole anti instagram kick which means, I haven’t been participating in selfies or the annoying constant of having to take a photo everywhere I go. But, as of lately, I have been looking for a balance because I just realized I have ZERO photos of myself (that I like) from the past year. So, when I was looking through all the Airbnb experiences, I chose the Mural Walk Photoshoot because (1) I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and (2) I really needed to update some profiles. My blog had a photo that was taken about 2 years ago, my hair length to prove it; I was also in need of a new Linkedin profile pic and all around boost of self confidence.

As an ambivert (introvert & extrovert) I found this was the perfect way to start off my solo day exploring the city of Nashville. My photographer Jen was easy to talk to and was able to give me the scoop on all the local restaurants and places I should check out off the beaten path. This activity is a group activity, but that day, I was the only one who signed up for it, which I didn’t mind because I’m a super awkward picture-taker. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have minded meeting new people in a small setting.

I had so much fun traveling solo and I knew I wanted to write a post about it, but as an amateur photographer, I wasn’t sure I would be able to capture the best images. Since I use film, I don’t always know what the photo looks like until I get home and develop it. Plus, I am usually the one behind the camera, never in front if it. So, this photo shoot worked well for me in so many ways. I knew I had a set of photos that were guaranteed to turn out well, and voilà ! They did. I’m saving some of the other ones for other blog posts, and I’m probably going to give one to my parents for Christmas. 🙂

What experiences will you try?

I love Airbnb and have been using them for a while now. I was even an Airbnb host for a bit when I lived in a super cute Victorian flat with my roommates in the Richmond District. I’ve stayed in Airbnbs while traveling to the Philippines, Paris, Amsterdam, and I especially love to book them for for local weekend getaways like Santa Cruz and LA. Each time, it’s a great experience. Even if you’re not traveling, you should check out what local experiences Airbnb has to offer, some of them make great date nights!

Thanks for reading 🙂

3 comments on “Trying out an AirbnbPlus + Airbnb Experience in Nashville, TN

  1. Wow, what a great Airbnb! The place just looked so inviting! I love Airbnb’s vs. hotels, cause they are so unique and fun. Your Nashville experience made me want to venture out there.


  2. Loving these photos! It definitely looked like you enjoyed yourself. The colors in that Airbnb are beautiful!


  3. I’ve been taking an Instagram break also, and have been realizing how much I am on my phone and taking photos. So neat you did a photo shoot while in Nashville! Looked like a beautiful time, and all your pictures were so vibrant and fun. Also—wine, a book, and a bath are totally my kind of night.


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