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Podcasts to Inspire Your Daily Journal

Journaling daily is one of the ways I practice mindfulness. In the past couple of years, I have focused a type of journaling that I call “simple logging.”

Ever since I was a little girl I used to grab my journal and sit in my room and write out all my thoughts, secrets, and frustrations. I usually wrote about troubled times, breakups, or about how mad I was. Once I started getting into the planner world, I realized journaling didn’t have to be about negative, sad thoughts or long drawn out reflections; journaling can encompass gratitude, happiness, or just a simple memory.

“Documenting little details of your everyday life becomes a celebration of who you are”

Carolyn V. Hamilton, Author

Simple logging, is the perfect method for practicing daily mindfulness, especially for those who find keeping up with a journal hard to do. Here is how it works — simply write out everything that happened that day. That’s it. Here is what I wrote in my journal last night:

Alarm went off at 5, snoozed till 6. Studied for real estate class. Went for my morning walk at 7am. Work was pretty productive, for the most part stayed on task. After work, helped out with the Alumni Mentor Program event, got to see Dylan. Went to real estate class from 7 – 9pm; Then went to Safeway to buy this week’s groceries. Did a 15 minute Yoga Flow, now journaling and reading.

By recording what happened that day, you may uncover how you felt, you may notice how awesome your day was, or it could just serve as a reminder that yeah, you did a lot of shit today, you deserve to sit down and drink a glass of wine or just vedge out.

Sometimes, I need to do more than just write about the events of the day; and other days, when I feel like my life is boring and repetitive, I need some inspirational prompts. Here are my two favorite podcasts I listen to (almost) daily that inspire my journal entries.

“In the journal I am at ease.”

Anais Nin, Essayist

Daily Themes to Get You Looking Inward

Yoga Girl Daily by Rachel Brathen, international yoga teacher and entrepreneur shares daily reflections and one weekly guided meditation. Mondays are for setting intentions, Tuesdays are for tuning in, and Well Being Wednesdays consist of a guided meditation, etc.

I love that the podcast is short in length, but never short in depth or meaning. Rachel encourages you to take the words of wisdom with you throughout the day by suggesting that you set aside time to journal, or discuss the topic with a friend. I love listening to this on my morning walk, then journaling about it over my first cup of coffee.

Check it out on Spotify

A Quick Pause From the Hectic World Around Us

This is a great podcast that only takes a few minutes. Deepak Chopra, author and alternative medicine advocate, takes you through daily offerings of wisdom to refocus and expand your mind. This podcast also offers a guided meditation every Friday. This is a great way to fit mindfulness into your daily routine, by focusing on great topics that help you look inward (and outward).

Check it out on Spotify

“I started writing a journal, and I’ve been learning so much along the way”

Jay Leno, Comedian

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