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5 Sustainable + Ethically Sourced Sweaters Perfect for the Fall

I’ve been craving the cozy fall weather! It’s still about 80 degrees here just south of The City, but you know what — I have my eyes on the prize, Ok? And that’s a rainy day Sunday where I can putz around the house all day doing everything, but yet nothing. My favorite thing about the fall is that it starts to signal the holidays — pumpkin everything fills our senses and all of us sudden I get the urge to become friggen Martha Steward in the kitchen.

Aside baking holiday treats, fall fashion is my next favorite thing about this time of the year. Perhaps it’s because eating holiday treats and wearing baggy sweaters go hand in hand if you know what I mean… My favorite kind of Fall fashion? Pajamas, but for the streets.

Here are 5 sustainable and ethically sourced sweaters I have my eye on for this fall and winter season.

The Essential Poncho by Pact $45

I mean come on… this outfit is my jam… I would wear this on a Friday night out, hands down. Throw on a black beanie, some big hoop earrings, and some chunky Doc Martins…maybe even some red lipstick.

Why I love Pact: Because they focus on organic, fair trade, and zero harmful chemicals. Their motto is that “those who make are equal to those who wear” so they ensure that all their factories are certified and follow ethical labor laws. They even offer ways to recycle and reuse your old clothing, towels, and linens. Check out their website here, and follow their conversation on social media with #Organicallyme.

The Alignment Top by Synergy $65

Cowl neck tops add a cool look to any outfit, in my opinion. Consider it an elevated, more stylish hoodie (but without the hood?). If you work in a casual workspace, you could probably get away with wearing this with some nice chinos, just shy of chillin in your pajamas all day.

Why I love Synergy: By using recycled plastics, and low impact dyes, this brand focuses on transparency for their consumers offering a blog to share how they’re keeping their environmental promise and how you can too.

The Reformation Cropped Cashmere Turtleneck $148

Ok before you gasp over the sticker shock, you need to remember that quality, not quantity is the name of the game when it comes to a sustainable closet. You want to buy quality pieces that have durability so that you buy less often.

Why I love Reformation: Reformation, in my opinion, has done the best job explaining transparency by sharing their design process — from choosing the best recyclable fibers and how they’ve come up with a grading system to determine what the best fabrics are. They’ve also included petite and plus sizes to make sure all women feel like they can be apart of the environmentally – conscious movement.

The Cashmere Rib Boatneck by Everlane $155

Everlane has a brick and mortar shop in San Francisco’s Mission District and I absolutely adore their minimalist collection. All of their pieces are simple and elegant. Their shoes, in my opinion, have the most perfect silhouettes. If I could just push a button to erase and refresh my closet, I would choose just about all their pieces from this store. If only it were that easy…

While I was on their site, I saw this rain boot! Tell me these aren’t the cutest rain boots you ever did see?

I just had to throw this bonus in here. 🙂

Why I love Everlane: Because they strive for the best when it comes to making relationships with their factory owners to ensure they are practicing ethical labor standards — fair wages, reasonable hours, etc. Like Reformation, they’ve also done a great job on their website to show true transparency when it comes to how their materials impact our environment, and how their products are priced.

The Velouria Fleece Wrap Cardigan by Amour Vert $98

This is a beautiful sweater. This kimono-style look is perfect for any office outfit. I need it in my life… right now. I particularly love this look because it’s a very flattering cut for us curvier girls — accentuating what matters on the top and bringing in the waist.

Why I Love Amour Vert: Well for starters, Amour Vert translates to ‘Green Love’ in French and their promise is that by focusing on precise production, they eliminate excess waste. Like the rest, they share their high standards for choosing quality fabrics with the future of recycling their pieces in mind. They also share a blog that features female profiles both within and outside their company, telling their stories about becoming ethically conscious.

Making the shift to an environmentally conscious closet is difficult. I get it. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit the budget. But It’s important that we, if anything at all, start to question the materials and ethical standards of larger corporations. Having an interest and a care is the first step.

If you’re interested to learn more about your favorite brands, start here:

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