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A Week in my Food Journal

Last week was my first full week back in my planner. After being in vacation mode for about a month (2 weeks away, with 2 weeks recovery lol) I needed to get my routine back together and start focusing on healthy habits again. You see, for me, I love the constant check in with daily goals and journaling in various forms of lists, habit tracking, and free writing. One way I like to practice self care and mindful eating is by using habit trackers and a food journal. It’s very therapeutic and helps me stay grounded and focused on my goals beyond fitness and health.

Monthly View

I like to keep this pretty simple. Lately, I’ve been into minimal stickers. These stickers are from a book by PipSticks! Pipsticks is a sticker subscription site that I’ve always wanted to try but could never get myself to pull the trigger. I was happy to find this sticker book so that I could get a feel for what their sticker style was like.

You can check out the book here:

Other ways I use the monthly view:

  • Mood Tracker
  • Period Tracker
  • Total weekly food score (keep reading)
  • Fitbit Stats

Weekly View – Vertical Planning

I’ve really started to get the hang of this vertical layout. I keep my events in the top boxes, daily habits/goals listed in the green for each day, and keep my to-do lists below. About halfway or more I use it for notes or important information spread across multiple days.

Daily Habits for self care:

  • Walk
  • Stretch
  • Vitamins

Food Journaling – Vertical

What is a food journal you ask? For me, it’s a food log. You really have to be honest with yourself in order for it to work. I’ve tried counting calories but found that too cumbersome. So, I created this highlighter system where I highlight all things I consider cheat or junk foods. I have some loose rules, they go like this:

  • Eating more than the serving size is considered a cheat item.
  • Drinking more than 1 glass of wine or beer Monday – Thursday is a cheat item.
  • Drinking more than 2 glasses of wine or beer Friday – Sunday is a cheat item.
  • Any meat
  • Any obvious super processed foods such as soda, chips, candy, etc.

At the end of the week I write the total amount of cheat items and just try to keep it at a healthy number. Anything below an 8 is a great week for me. My personal record is 4 and my worst was last week at 21! …I told you it was hard for me to get out of vacation mode…

But you know, life happens, and for me when I open the flood gates and allow myself to indulge, I have a hard time stopping. So journaling and logging helps me think twice before I munch a little here and munch a little there… it’s easier to see how those little snacks add up.

I’ve also noticed that when I allow myself a little something sweet evenly throughout the week, my food score is a lot lower. I am a firm believer of “if you want it, have it…” just everything in moderation, and most importantly keep moving!

In this way, I am not focusing on my weight or calorie counting. Simply acknowledging my eating habits.

Last week’s food journal

This week’s food journal

It’s always difficult getting back into a routine. Why is it always so easy to break it?!?! *sigh*

Even though this was my worst food score since the holidays, I consider it the most productive. Just getting back into the habit or writing down everything I ate for the day took a lot of discipline and honesty. That practice alone was a major step in the right direction because after tallying the food score, it got me pumped like – come on, I can do better than that.

For this week’s layout I was encouraged to get my vitamin intake back in check. Having a special place to log this inspired me to make the right choices.

Vitamins I take:

At the end of every month, it’s interesting to see the highs and lows in my food choices. I try to correlate them with what my mood trackers and journal entries reveal. I can tell that when I eat shitty food, I feel shitty. When I eat well, I accomplish all my goals and cross things off my to-do lists. In food journaling, I am more mindful of how I cope with life which in turn reminds me to make better choices for my body, inside and out.

It forces me to ask myself these important questions: How am I feeding my body? How am I feeding my mind? How does it make me feel? And what does it make me do?

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a productive Monday and Happy Planning! 🙂

4 comments on “A Week in my Food Journal

  1. That food journal is a great idea! Thanks for sharing and good luck hitting all of the goals you set for yourself!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely idea! Just wondering when in a day you sit down to fill it in? Or do you add things thoughout the day?


    • Hey! Thank you:) it changes. I work an office job so it’s easy for me to fill it in after every meal. Sometimes I fill it in at the end of the day. I have a routine of journaling every Night before bed, so if I’m not filling it in as I go- I will do it before bed. Some weekends I’ll miss it, but Sunday nights are my planning days so I’ll go back and try to remember, which in itself is a great practice I think. 🙂

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