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A Weekend Jaunt to the Catskills, NY

Last month, we made it out to New York for a wedding in the Catskills. While we were there we caught the Livingston Manor’s Trout Parade. It was truly a unique experience. It was my first time to the East Coast, unfortunately it was a quick turnaround so I have to go back and spend more time in NYC. Here is a little snapshot of our unique experience.

The parade takes place on the second Saturday in June every year. We asked some art vendors how the parade came about and they said the economy in the town was dying, so the neighborhood got together and came up with this parade as a way to put it back on the map and bring visitors out to the Catskills.

As stated on their website, “The Trout Parade is produced by Calliope-on-Main Foundation, the Livingston Manor Chamber of Commerce, Catskill Art Society (CAS) and the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum. To benefit the Livingston Manor Central School District’s Art & Music Departments and the Livingston Manor Food Pantries. A community-based project, the Trout Parade is not only Sullivan County’s foremost art parade, but the proceeds it generates from individual donations and the sale of parade merchandise will help to support community organizations.”

They encourage anyone to be a part of the parade, with no cost. Simply create a crazy costume or float and jump right in. This is what made this parade so amusing to watch, there was nothing really cohesive about the trout fish as it pertains the town (as we thought it would be). Sure, there were some trout sandwhiches being served, and a larger than life paper trout kite, but nothing really else about the trout was relayed to the audience. Very bizarre but fun.

A very random car we found parked at the end of the parade.

For breakfast, we stumbled upon the Brandenburg Bakery and Cafe with a line forming outside the door. It was already so warm at 9am. We ordered our ice coffees and delicious breakfast pastries. There were so many pastries in their display that had my mouth watering! I wanted to go back before we left to grab some delicious souvenirs, but we didn’t get the chance. Their pies and fruit tarts seem to be the most popular.

(Cinnamon Roll photo from Brandenburg Bakery’s website)

I wore a vintage dress in lime green (obviously) paired with Rebecca Minkoff Silver Capriana Leather Sandals. It was humid and hot in NY. The vintage shop I purchased this from was at a little gem in Stockton, CA called Lilou of the Valley Vintage.

As a huge fan of the Amazon Prime Original Series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I was so excited to channel my inner Midge. Now, I wouldn’t say it was as glamorous as the show makes it out to be, but I can bring the glam where ever I go and just pretend in my head. 😉 We did fly into New Jersey, caught a red eye from SF, and spent five hours in NYC which I do not remember at all. Note to self – never fly a red eye again so that I don’t black out from pure exhaustion and jet lag and forget visiting one of the coolest cities in the U.S. ha! Until next time…

Camera: Minnolta X700

Film: Fujifilm 400 Speed X-TRA

Prefix Lightroom Studio: A Color Story – The Essentials

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