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3 Things I do When I Need Fitness Inspiration.

Summer is still kickin’; sunshine is still out there ready to be soaked up. I know that for me, I usually have one vacation or event to look forward to every summer. In the months leading up to it, I usually have no problem working out regularly and keeping myself motivated. During the rest of the year, it’s a struggle to keep up the routine. Here are 3 things I do when I know I should workout but I just don’t have any inspiration to do so.

#1. Go for a walk.

I always have to remind myself that walking only 30 minutes a day is a great workout. If you have a FitBit or something similar, you will be surprised to find out that you burn more fat walking for 30 minutes than you do jogging for 30 minutes. (Curious to know more about walking vs. jogging? Start here)

When I have no motivation to workout, I tell myself that all I have to do is commit to going for a walk, and that’s it. Doing this for a week straight usually get’s me in the mindset to move my body. Especially if you are used to high intensity workouts, this is a great mind trick to play on yourself. For some reason telling myself to just walk for 30 minutes, takes the pressure off myself that seems to be causing the lack of inspiration. Maybe I’m just tired, have had a long day, and the idea of pushing through a sprint workout, or a TRX class just sounds like death. But walking?… I can totally do that. Resetting my goal to something simple helps me gain momentum to build up to higher intensity workouts.

#2 Invite a friend

This is a sure way for me to make it to that yoga class. It doesn’t even have to be a fitness class if money is an issue, you can easily ask a friend to meet you at your local high school track or go for a hike.

This is also a great way to nurture new friendships. There was this one time me and a friend woke up to run in Golden Gate Park at 6:30am. It was early on in our friendship so we felt super accountable to actually go through with it. We did it only that one time and laugh about it now because I now know he is definitely NOT a morning person. We both wanted to impress each other for this new budding friendship. Now we just meet at our local donation-based yoga workshop in the later afternoons…

#3 Watch fitness gurus on YouTube

This is one of my favorite things to do after a lazy weekend of binge watching my favorite shows and eating my favorite snacks (because adulting is hard and sometimes you just need to do that).

It’s a weird thing… but you know how talking about food makes you want to eat, or how watching Marie Kondo makes you want to organize your pantry? Well for me, watching Whitney Simmons do an upper body workout makes my muscles crave that sore muscle feeling. I think it’s the visualization of watching these ripped chicks workout a certain muscle and actually seeing their muscle move and react to the workout. That visualization gets me pumped to go try and work on my mind to muscle concentration now that I know what muscle I’m really supposed to be feeling. Even though my muscles aren’t nearly as pronounced as these fitness gurus, I pretend that they are after watching a few videos. Anyone else? ha ha.

Or, sometimes it’s also just a matter of switching up my workout routine to get me inspired to try new things in the gym. I used to be so intimidated going into a weight room because I felt goofy trying to figure out how a machine worked… and to be honest I can’t stand it when guys try to correct me or tell me how something works or give me unsolicited advice….it makes me even more self conscious. I don’t make the best faces while I workout so it’s quite alarming and embarrassing when you realize someone has been focusing on you.

Sorry guys, I know your intentions are probably harmless and you think you’re being helpful, but sometimes women just want to figure things out on their own and quite frankly having someone walk all the way across a room (true story) to tell you how to do something, is very awkward and imposing of your masculinity which is annoying. ‘Cuz like, how long you been watching bro?

Moral of the story is that watching YouTube videos has really helped me with my form and overall gym knowledge making me feel confident when I walk up to a machine.

The most important thing I’ve learned in my later 20’s is that I need to listen to my body. After many, many years of playing soccer competitively where we are conditioned to ignore injuries and pain; finding that balance between rest, but not resting too much has been a big awakening. I now opt for lower impact excersices and really have to work on my mental game when my body is telling me NO but my mind is pushing me to keep going. Sometimes it’s best to just relax and rejuvenate. But sadly, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve also learned that I have to keep moving, otherwise it gets harder and harder to get back into peak shape when you rest for too long. Walking has become my new love because it helps me find that balance of being kind to myself, which is why it is number one on my inspiration list.

What are some ways you get inspired to workout? 🙂

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