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Update: 8 Months without Instagram ft. The Underclassmen

 “Documenting the experience for likes and acceptance has almost become more important than actually living said experience,” Cole added. ‘‘Former Life’ is a reminder to live in and cherish each moment.”

I found this music video on twitter today; and it inspired me to do an update on my Instagram series (of 2 posts lol) that reflected on the positive changes in my life since I’ve quit Instagram and Facebook.

Yes, I still am on social media through Twitter, Pinterest, and WordPress, but for me, these are hardly disruptive to my life, mental health, and productivity as Instagram and Facebook were. I’m sure many of you can relate…

…For me, it was the constant contact with everyone in my life. Knowing what everyone was doing at all times; getting sucked into the scrolling and scrolling that Instagram and Facebook do so well with their interfaces and content. With Twitter, a tweet lives for about 12 seconds or less; I hardly ever see any of my friend’s tweets; and Pinterest I use more like a magazine for inspiration. To me, Twitter, Pinterest, and WordPress allow me to focus on my creativity and my creativity alone without the angst and distraction the other platforms provide.

I love how this video depicts the same couple with, and without social media. It’s true, relationships both romantic and friendships become dull when you only live for the ‘Gram. I’ve noticed that in smaller groups with my friends, that if there is any lull in conversation, they whip out their phone and look at Instagram, as if we can no longer deal with silence.

Silence, I’ve learned, or stillness, is an opportunity to absorb what’s around you. I’ve relearned how to take a deep breath in with my eyes, and how to take a silent moment to mentally ground myself in any experience.

New experiences have been more colorful in my eyes, emotions that spark are felt at a greater capacity. I think it’s my brain really taking it all in and telling my mind’s eye to “Remember this“. Yes, recording something is an act of remembering it, but you are not actually stamping it into your brain, you’re not engaging all your senses, with a phone, you only have tunnel vision.

Since quiting Instagram and facebook, I’ve been able to really experience being in love and getting married. The shit my husband and I get into with conversation, or little adventures to kill time has been the best time ever; some of the most romantic and hilarious times we’ve had has happened since we both dropped Instagram and Facebook. We do all sorts of things that when we talk to our friends about “this one time…” everyone says, “That’s so YOU GUYS” but really it can be anyone, you just gotta put your phone down and get creative.

For those of you who are still on the fence about it, I’m here to encourage you to just do it! Find depth in life, find laughter, the kind that hurts your face; find comfort and most importantly find the INSPIRATION in silence and stillness.

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