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On Beauty: The Only Youtube Makeup Tutorials You’ll Ever Need to Watch

I don’t know about you, but as a millenial who went through middle school without social media, I am always blown away when I see 13 year old girls with the most snatched face ever. How do they do that?! In my 20’s, I’ve never been able to achieve such a flawless look.

It wasn’t until this past year – at age 28- that I can finally say I know the difference between foundation and concealer.

Just to give you some quick context: I was such a tomboy growing up. My older sister was the girly one and all her friends had little brothers. So I was the scruffy girl running around with a bunch of boys, plotting on our sisters, trying to mess up their Barbies when they weren’t looking. I played sports my whole life; some of my fellow teammates and I would have competitions with each other on who could go the longest in the winter without shaving our legs or armpits. Then when puberty hit, I hated it, I wore multiple sports bras to try and hide the fact that I was growing breasts ( a blessing I now embrace 😉 ) Living with my sister who was such a makeup artist at a young age, I was also always trying to do everything the complete opposite of my sister; so being a tomboy while she was so girly was my mission statement.

Once I got into high school and boys became a thing, I of course wanted to look attractive, so all I could find manageable without admitting to my sister and mom that I was the least bit interested in makeup, was slapping on some lipgloss and occassionally wearing my hair down instead of my go-to messy bun.

As I got older, the tomboy in me wore away, and I found myself getting in touch with my more feminine side. With more confidence in my body and looks, I find that I enjoy the self-care ritual of making myself up and feeling beatiful, the problem was though- where to begin? Contouring? Baking? Dewy vs. Matte? WTF is all of that? So if you can relate to the type of girl I was and who I am now – than this post is for you.

There are SO MANY vloggers out there showing us how to do our makeup. It can get overwhelming for a girl like me – and maybe you too (guys included). So I’ve done all the work for you and synthesized all the things you need to know.

1) Contouring with Jaclyn Hill

Ok so Jaclyn Hill’s videos run on the longer side, but she has a lot of important tips and tricks and context with everything she does. I chose this video as my number one because she FINALLY explained what setting powder does. FINALLY! Everyone uses it, but no one explains the science behind it. So thank you Jaclyn Hill for doing so.

2) Contour Do’s and Don’ts with CC Clarke Beauty

This is a great reality check to make sure you are doing things right. After a week of watching Jaclyn Hill and Carli Bybel and feeling like I was a pro, I stumbled upon this one and found myself guilty of a few DONT’S… oops!

3) DO’s & Don’ts | Best Eyeshadow Tips with Tati

As I started venturing into makeup, and felt confidence from my new found love of countouring, I started to get brave with bright colored eyeshadows. I even recieved a few compliments or two from my girlfriends! Watching this was a humbling experience, it made me cringe at a few things I’ve been doing and has helped me out so much! One thing to learn here is – brushes – you definitely need to get yourself some makeup brushes that work!

4) Color Correcting with Carli Bybel

One of the main reasons I started going down this makeup tutorial rabbit hole is because I plan to do my own makeup for my wedding. I know, quite a big jump from the tomboy I was… But this is only because I don’t like it when other people do my makeup, I feel like I’m wearing a mask and I look too intense. So, of course, I want to make sure I am doing all the right things because I know there are a lot of factors to consider such as lighting and flashbacks. I also was concerned about turning red from alcohol due to my asian glow. One asian vlogger recommended green primer (watch here), which led me to Carli Bybel’s tutorial in comparing drugstore brands vs. high end, and explaining the science behind it all.

I hope these videos encourage you to spend a night or two playing with makeup, and enjoy this form of self-care. It’s a lot of fun once you get into it, especially since a lot of makeup brands are catering to the busy, on-the-go women who are looking for that quick makeup routine (Glossier, Flesh, NYX Bare With Me…) , there are so many options out there for us tomboys who want to get in touch with our girly side withouth the cake face.

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