A logo for Sweet T Piehouse

A logo for Sweet T Piehouse

The Back Story

I had the pleasure of designing a logo for Sweet T Piehouse. A lovely colleague of mine started this passion project while in school, baking and serving orders out of her kitchen in Daly City. What started out with an array of baked southern treats, has now refined into a pie brand focusing on creating southern classics while incorporating her California roots and international travels.

The name Sweet T has multiple meanings: Sweet Tea referring to the unmistakable trademark drink from the south where her parents are from, and the T, which is the initial of her first name — Tanashati (beautiful name, right?).

Designing the logo

She sent me these photos from her time abroad on a farm in Spain and I loved the earthiness of her inspiration.

I was drawn to the almond branch, and decided to sketch this out before I took a stab at drawing any pies. There was something about her journey, and story that called for a more mature look, so I wanted to keep it in the most simplest form.

The Color Scheme

The Fonts

The Draw-spirations

The Final Logo

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The Gypsy Jazz Temple & The Flea Market | Paris, France

The Gypsy Jazz Temple & The Flea Market | Paris, France

We spent the afternoon walking through the 18th arrondissemont and found ourselves at La Chope des Puces. It was our 8th day in Paris and we couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen live music; stumbling upon this was more than we could have asked for. This was the Gypsy Jazz Temple where the legendary Django Reinhardt played. This bar is known to house some of the best gypsy jazz musicians, some of which are descendants of Reinhardt himself.

Everyone has heard a lick or two from Django whether they know it or not. Here are my top three:

1. Minor Swing

2. Dark Eyes

3. Night and Day

While we were there, we stumbled upon the flea market – Le Marché dux Puces de Clignancourt. This flea market is a maze full of awesome antiques and art. We got separated at one point, and while looking for our friend, I found the coolest, authentic restaurant tucked in the back- you can see it in my video below.