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Film through North Beach, SF

It was another beautiful day in San Francisco. In fact, I think it actually broke 65° in the city.

I met up with my old housemate Maggie to practice some more photography. I was so late that morning, I remember. North Beach is located at the top of some annoying hills, and I live at the bottom of them. I had two choices – ride my bike or walk with ample time, but I was too lazy to ride my bike. So I started on foot, quickly realizing I was running very, very late. I tried to hop onto the cable car at the Powell St. turnaround and that took forever- it was Saturday, too many tourists, what was I thinking.

I hadn’t seen Maggie in a while, we had some conflict more or less in the past. It was nice to see her and tell her that I was over whatever it was I was mad about, and that at the end of the day, she has always been a good friend and listener. It’s hard to come by meaningful friendships as an adult, especially when you are in a serious relationship, so this day for me was growth. I’ve found that I’ve perfected (well, have gotten used to) the art of solving conflicts with a lover and dealing with the emotions around that. But navigating and defining friendships as a women in my late 20’s is new territory for me. To Alex Trebek I say: What is friendships?

Camera: Minnoltax700

Film: Kodak Gold

Location: North Beach, SF

#sanfrancisco #filmphotography #35mm #travel #thecity

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