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I am writing this post to the people who were so kind enough to hit that ‘Follow’ button on my blog: PlannerCreative. I’d like to now introduce to you a more well rounded representation of myself: The Urban Suburban Girl – which I hope you all can relate too as well.

Urban suburban (cul-de-sac-couture) is a term my fiance and I dubbed certain moments or scenarios we saw on the streets of San Francisco that translated to our upbringing in the burbs. But quite simply, it means the way it sounds.

I am urban suburban because I like to knit doilies in hipster coffee shops.

I am urban suburban because I leave the city to go browse large department stores and strip malls that make me feel nostalgic.

Still now, it’s hard to explain. But if you stick around, you will start to get the gist of what it means.

I find it silly that I constantly come up with these aliases to represent myself on the internet, but I am quite comfortable in admitting the fact that I love the creativity in writing and making content- so why the hell not? I am continuously experimenting with ways to express myself, hope you enjoy my point of view.

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