Urban Suburban: (adj.) cul – de – sac couture

Welcome to my lifestyle blog. Urban Suburban- describing all the things a girl from the burbs of LA to the streets of SF would typically blog about… and so the story unfolds. 

Here I will share the things that inspire me and the things that I am working on. Occasionally it will be a recipe, occasionally it will be a product review but mostly photo stories + doodles in between. I am planner obsessed, and love organizing things. I work in data management; I tweet about excel tricks; I commute by bicycle and train, I am a snob for a nice cup of black coffee, and of course I knit and crochet, what urban suburban girl doesn’t? 

This idea of Urban Suburban came from a conversation I had with my husband about the current political times, and how ethnicity isn’t the truest merit, or stereotype to define someone. We felt, that the best way to understand someone was to go off of what region they are from – Rural American, Suburban American, and Urban American. In this way we have a better context of who people are. 

I do identify as Mexican American and Pacific Islander when forced to mark a bubble on any official documentation, but since I do not speak Spanish or Tagalog fluently, nor do I practice traditional Mexican or Filipino customs, I am often marginalized by the people in my own culture, and other peers in my generation feel the same way. So in this case, where do I belong?

I am a first generation American born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, spending my formative adult years in San Francisco.

-D. Marie, Urban Suburban Girl